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  • Purchase of Sri Lanka tire balers
    Purchase of Sri Lanka tire balers

    There are many brands of tire balers with fast packaging speed and almost no noise during operation. It has a long service life, is very simple and easy to use, and has high efficiency. It can also save people's time, energy and cost.

    So how to choose a suitable tire baler manufacturer?

    1. The cost-effectiveness of the product

    At present, there are many types of tire balers on the market, and the choice of tire balers depends on the cost-effectiveness of the products. All consumers hope to buy tire balers with high quality and low price.

    When buying a tire baler in the market, you must analyze and compare the products of tire baler manufacturers through various aspects. Some tire balers are fast in packaging. Compared with the previous manual packaging, labor costs are greatly saved, and the operation is simple. , Just a brief explanation, workers can operate.

    2. Product after-sales service

    After understanding the basic theoretical knowledge of some enterprises of tire balers, we also need to have a certain understanding of its after-sales service. Today's customers also attach great importance to after-sales service. After-sales service cannot be ignored. Excellent tire balers will provide Very good service.

    If the machine fails, they will patiently explain to you that non-human factors will return the tire Baler to the factory for maintenance within a certain period of time. The company registers customer information when purchasing, regularly informs customers of the usage, and responds to customer feedback and needs in a timely manner. Provide personalized service.

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  • The impact of waste tire balers on the environment
    The impact of waste tire balers on the environment

    Waste tires belong to waste rubber, and the disposal of waste rubber is one of the serious problems that people face today. In order to meet the ever-increasing material performance requirements, rubber is developing in the direction of high strength, wear resistance, stability, and aging resistance, but at the same time, it has caused the problem that the waste rubber cannot be degraded for a long time. "White pollution" is more serious "black pollution", on the other hand, it also wastes precious rubber resources.

    Since 2015, the value of scrap tire recycling in China has been increasing year by year. In 2017, the value of scrap tires in China was 7.35 billion yuan, an increase of 4.26% compared to previous years. While adding an increase, a large number of discarded tires will follow. After being recycled and reprocessed, waste tires and rubber can be made into rubber tracks in playgrounds, or they can be incinerated and turned into asphalt for use on asphalt roads.

    Nick Machinery Scrap Tire Baler is a packaging machine specially developed for tires and other rubber materials. It adopts hydraulic door opening device, double cylinder compression, manual valve operation, and installation of movable and fixed dual anti-rebound devices, which is stable and reliable.

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  • NICKBALER rubber baler manufacturer
    NICKBALER rubber baler manufacturer

    With the continuous development of social economy and science and technology and the disappearance of the "demographic dividend", my country's manufacturing industry is facing many practical problems such as structural transformation and upgrading, continuous growth of labor costs, shortage of labor structure, and low-end technology of labor-intensive manufacturing enterprises.

    In modern large-scale industrial manufacturing, in order to meet the requirements of high quality, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, and low cost, enterprises generally attach importance to the automation and intelligence of the production process, and hydraulic packaging equipment has begun to be widely used in all walks of life.

    my country's manufacturing industry is developing in the direction of automation, intelligence, and energy saving, which is undoubtedly the development direction of rubber baler.

    1. Automation

    The price of natural rubber continues to be sluggish, while labor costs continue to rise, and irritating gases are produced during the processing of natural rubber, which is not conducive to physical and mental health.

    Therefore, improving the automation level of rubber balers and realizing unmanned production is an inevitable trend in the development of rubber balers.

    2. Intelligent

    The use of intelligent control technology can realize accurate measurement, precise positioning and automatic control of the production process during the packaging process, improve product quality while increasing productivity, and can automatically adjust production parameters according to production conditions.


  • Can tire balers alleviate environmental pollution?
    Can tire balers alleviate environmental pollution?

    With the development and growth of a large number of automobile industries, a large number of waste tires, rubber products and other leftover materials have gradually increased, and tire balers have continued to be used.

    Can tire packing machines alleviate environmental pollution? The answer is of course yes. If a large number of waste tires are not processed in time, it will not only take up space but also pollute the environment, which requires the use of tire balers for processing . China is the second largest tire producer, and waste tires have become a new source of solid pollution, known as "black pollution." The accumulation of waste rubber for long-term open-air storage not only takes up a lot of land, but also easily breeds mosquito-borne diseases. Deteriorating the natural environment, destroying plant vegetation, and seriously endangering the earth's ecological environment.

    Nick Mechanical Tire Baler is specially designed for tire compression and packaging. It adopts hydraulic door opening device, double cylinder compression and manual valve operation, which is stable and reliable.

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  • Why do we need a tire baler for daily work?
    Why do we need a tire baler for daily work?

    With the increasing development of the baler industry, tire balers specially designed for tire compression and packaging have gradually surfaced. The understanding of tire balers must be in place, because knowing more about the products is very important to our daily work, and the development of tire balers is very extensive.

    The development of tire balers can see that the demand for tire balers has increased significantly in recent years, and has been well demonstrated in all walks of life, so that the tire balers can show themselves well and make the products have a good Of course, the tire balers are indispensable for the presentation.

    Nick Machinery's tire baler adopts hydraulic door opening device, double cylinder compression, manual valve operation, safe, stable and reliable. It has movable and fixed dual anti-rebound devices. The front and rear door opening method is convenient for Baler Press and unBaler Press.

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  • Market prospects of used tire balers
    Market prospects of used tire balers

    The number of waste tires has been increasing, and how to deal with waste tires has become a serious problem. Unreasonable handling methods bring not only environmental impacts, but also impacts on people's own lives. For example: burning, burying, accumulation and other methods will deteriorate the natural environment, destroy the growth of vegetation, and affect human health. So what method is more appropriate for the disposal and processing of waste tires? What is the prospect of the waste tire processing project? We will do a simple analysis here in combination with the current methods of disposal of waste tires.

    The NICKBALER Scrap Tire Baler is specially designed for tire compression and packaging. In short, the waste rubber tires are compressed and packaged into bundles by machine compression, so that the volume is greatly reduced, and then it can save freight and reduce transportation. Volume, for the purpose of increasing profits for the enterprise.

    NICKBALER waste tire baler adopts hydraulic door opening device, double cylinder compression, manual valve operation, stable and reliable. The front and back door opening method is adopted, which is convenient for Baling machine and unBaling machine.

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  • How to improve the working efficiency of the plastic film Baler machine?
    How to improve the working efficiency of the plastic film Baler machine?

    The role of Nick Machinery Plastic Film Baler Machine for many of our industries is obvious, so the working efficiency of the plastic film Baler machine is particularly important. Users all hope that their plastic film Baler machine can be produced as fast as possible to save manpower and electricity. Etc., to reduce production costs and achieve maximum benefits.

    So how to improve the production efficiency of the plastic film baler? Here, the manufacturer of Nick Machinery Plastic Film Baler will briefly explain to the majority of users:

    1. In terms of production technology, it is necessary to combine the most advanced technology to improve the equipment of the plastic film baler, and strive to improve its scientific and technological content, to achieve a further increase in production efficiency.

    2. In terms of operation, operate according to the product instructions. The material in the bin cannot exceed the load of the machine itself. Any problems encountered during the production process must be resolved in time to ensure that it can be used in normal production.

    3. For the daily maintenance of the product, the plastic film baler adopts a hydraulic drive mode. Therefore, attention should be paid to the replacement of hydraulic oil, and the hydraulic components of the cylinder must be replaced regularly, and the equipment maintenance work should be done to further improve the plastic film baler. performance.

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  • Hydraulic plastic bottle Baler promotes industry progress
    Hydraulic plastic bottle Baler promotes industry progress

    The power of human development and progress comes from the improvement of productivity. The development of productivity to modern times has entered the era of mechanization, automation, and intelligence. The emergence of packaging machinery frees people from heavy labor and brings convenience to production and life. And efficient.

    The abundance of materials has brought about transportation problems. How to effectively use the transportation space and effectively protect the goods in transportation has become the development guide for the plastic bottle Baling Machine machine industry. In the development of plastic bottle packaging machines, a variety of packaging equipment has also appeared in the market for diversified packaging needs. There are not only small plastic bottle packaging machinery, suitable for packaging small commodities, but also large plastic bottle packaging machinery, suitable for enterprise packaging applications in large-scale production. In terms of packaging efficiency, through the use of automation technology, the plastic bottle packaging machine has been modernized and upgraded, which is more suitable for large-scale and standardized production packaging used in modern enterprises. These packaging equipment bring strong support to people's packaging needs in production and life.

    In the future market, there will be more demand for packaging. The future is bright, and the plastic bottle Baling Machine machine industry needs to step by step to improve the performance of the equipment and further improve its functions. In modern production, without packaging equipment, there is no further protection of the goods, and it is easy to cause damage to the goods during transportation.

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  • The era of mechanization promotes the development of plastic baler
    The era of mechanization promotes the development of plastic baler

    With the passage of time, the current mechanical packaging industry has gradually developed into one of the top ten industries in the machinery industry in the new century. It occupies a very important position in the domestic market and is part of the rapid development of the national economy. An indispensable part of many industries has been given an important task in the production process of many enterprises. This is very good for people's lives. On the other hand, it is not so good. Such as the use of packaging resources is also a great waste of resources. As one of the raw materials of packaging bags, plastic film, etc., if handled improperly, will cause negative impacts and environmental pollution.

    Faced with this situation, the R&D personnel of plastic baler pointed out that our packaging machinery manufacturers need to change their thinking, from a new perspective, actively participate in the development of green environmental protection, discover more reusable materials, and continue to learn and innovate Let the plastic baler green development. Secondly, for people's healthy life, we need to start from the basics, insist on ensuring the safety and hygiene of the Baler, introduce new technologies, and develop safety, hygiene and green development. Only in this way can standardized, healthy and sustainable development in the era of mechanization.

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  • Industry development of waste plastic baler
    Industry development of waste plastic baler

    The waste plastic baler has many advantages such as beautiful appearance, compact structure, high efficiency and easy operation. In addition, the extensive market demand has propped up a new world for the development of the waste plastic baler industry. This is also obvious in the packaging machinery industry, and many packaging equipment have begun to develop intelligently. This also marks the coming of the era of intelligent packaging machinery. The intelligent packaging machine performs well in production, bringing extraordinary results to the production process and production effects.

    In fact, with the development of science and technology and the deepening of modern development concepts, many manufacturing companies have entered the era of automation, and intelligence has developed in a deeper level in the production of many companies.

    The performance of some large-scale enterprises is particularly outstanding. The improvement of production efficiency, production effect, and packaging effect requires the use of equipment to meet more needs, and the requirements for equipment performance and technology are relatively advanced, and some Even the entire production line adopts fully automated and intelligent production.

    The intelligent baler not only has the production method of hydraulic baler, but also adopts man-machine control interface, which is more convenient and direct, so that all links of production can be controlled in time during production.

    The manufacturing technology of waste plastic baler has been continuously improved. At present, the application of new technologies and new materials makes waste plastic baler equipment more robust and durable, with increasingly rich functions and increasingly efficient packaging. Waste plastic baler is also used in more and more industries and fields. .

    Nick Machinery's plastic baler has the advantages of time-saving, convenient operation, labor-saving, strong bearing capacity, cost-saving, stable and reliable.

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  • PET bottle Baler machine model
    PET bottle Baler machine model

    In today's materialistic society, thousands of garbage are produced every day, and most of them can be recycled. However, to dispose of these recyclable items requires a lot of human resources. This situation seems to make many people unwilling to do such environmental protection in a world where interests are paramount. Therefore, under the guidance of environmental protection and convenience, Nick Machinery has produced a product such as a PET bottle Baling Press. It has a wide range of uses, not only for plastic bottles, but also for packaging many other items. It is a new high-tech product. Among the many environmental protection and energy saving products, the PET bottle Baler machine has its unique charm, which makes it favored by more manufacturers.

    NICKBALER PET bottle Baler machine is professionally suitable for the compression and Baler of cans, PET cola bottles, oil bottles, hard plastics, sponges and other items. Contact consultation telephone 86-29-86031588

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  • choose the right can Compactor Baler
    choose the right can Compactor Baler

    The use of a can Compactor Baler can reduce storage space, save stacking space, and reduce transportation costs. It is also conducive to environmental protection and waste recycling.

    Nick is a manufacturer specializing in the production of can Compactor Balers. It has top technical consultants and complete after-sales service. In addition, it also provides you with door-to-door service, so that you have no worries when buying the machine. And the installer will also install the test machine for free with the machine. During the test machine process, he will teach you how to operate the machine until you learn it.

    The price of the can Compactor Baler is determined according to the output of the equipment model, so when selecting the equipment, it should be determined according to your current economic strength.


  • Performance of plastic bottle baler
    Performance of plastic bottle baler

    Purpose: Improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, reduce transportation costs and save space, environmental protection, safety, is a good equipment for recycling companies to increase production.

    All people engaged in this industry should learn more about the performance problems of plastic bottle packaging machines, including the internal components, and learn some related knowledge, so that they can be more familiar with their products, so that they can be better in their daily lives. Good application.


  • Product features of waste plastic baler
    Product features of waste plastic baler

    Product features of waste plastic baler:

    1. This machine adopts hydraulic transmission, reasonable planning, compact structure and reliable hydraulic function. It has high working efficiency, low energy consumption, simple installation and operation, safe and reliable use, and strong adaptability to the working environment

    2. Small size, light weight, low movement inertia, low noise, stable movement, and sensitive operation 

    3. It has a wide range of applications, not only as a waste paper packaging equipment, but also as a processing equipment with functions such as packaging and compaction of similar products

    In the face of fierce market competition, Nick has continued to innovate and develop, introduce advanced talents, and become a well-known brand in the industry of automatic hydraulic balers.


  • Precautions for plastic bottle baler
    Precautions for plastic bottle baler

    Precautions for plastic bottle packing machine: Before starting to pack, check whether the doors are closed, whether the door lock is in place, whether the knife and scissors buckle is buckled, and whether the stability chain is buckled on the handle. Do not pack any of the above parts without buckling to avoid accidents. When the machine is in operation, people should stand beside the machine and do not reach into the door with their heads, hands and body parts to avoid crushing injuries. Maintenance system and strict compliance with safe operation procedures are necessary conditions to extend the service life of the machine, improve production efficiency and ensure healthy production.


  • Mineral water bottle lifting door Baler machine
    Mineral water bottle lifting door Baler machine

    It is understood that with the progress of society and the development of science and technology, nowadays everything is emphasized on mechanized operation. Even the scrap acquisition industry is no exception, keeping up with the times. It is understood that in the waste product acquisition industry, the hydraulic baler of plastic waste has become a necessity at work and a good helper for compression and packaging. Keep up with the pace of the times. The reason why the hydraulic baler of waste plastics baler is loved by the waste acquisition industry is because it has the following characteristics:

    1. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low movement inertia, low noise, stable movement and flexible operation.

    2. It adopts hydraulic and electric integrated control, which is simple and convenient to use. It can stop and run at any working position, and it is easy to realize overload protection.

    3. It has a wide range of applications. It can be used as a processing equipment for packaging waste plastic film, but also as a processing equipment for packaging and compacting similar products.

    However, due to the wear and tear of the parts in use, poor lubrication will cause damage to the parts, which may enlarge the occurrence of failures and accidents, so it is very important to find and eliminate the failures quickly. So when buying a waste plastic baler hydraulic baler, you must look for the machinery and equipment produced by a regular manufacturer. Nick waste plastic baler is your best choice.


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