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  • NICKBALER Coir Balers are exported to Malaysia
    NICKBALER Coir Balers are exported to Malaysia

    Coir balers are mainly used to compress loose items such as fiber, brown silk, linen, and foam. Reduce floor space and reduce transportation costs. It is an indispensable equipment in the production of coconut fiber. So what are its characteristics? Next Nick will take you to understand:

    1. The machine uses double-cylinder balanced compression, special hydraulic system, and more stable power;

    2. Specially used for compression and packaging of natural fiber products such as coconut fiber and oil palm fiber;

    3. High load structure, safe and reliable;

    4. Using four sides to open the door, "#" can be packed;

    5. It is suitable for the compression and packaging of hard plastics, computer casings, beverage bottles, hay, fibers and other items.

    NICKBALER Coconut Baler is of stable quality, carefully welded, durable, trouble-free, simple to operate, and saves workers. It is mainly exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Dubai, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It is safe and reliable for processing and production all year round.

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  • Obvious advantages of alfalfa balers in the industry
    Obvious advantages of alfalfa balers in the industry

    My country has entered the era of rapid industrialization, and the alfalfa balers industry is also the same. The production technology of alfalfa balers is becoming more and more advanced, and there are more and more manufacturers.

    Nick Machinery's alfalfa balers manufacturer has continuously reformed and innovated in technology, which has continuously improved the performance and efficiency of alfalfa balers, and played an important role in promoting the development of the alfalfa balers industry.

    So what are the advantages of the alfalfa balers produced by Nick Machinery:

    1. Technical reforms and innovations have continuously improved the efficiency of the alfalfa baler, saving users time and costs;

    2. The degree of automation and intelligence is improved. The alfalfa baler produced by Nick Machinery realizes a one-stop process of feeding, pressing, packing and unpacking, without personnel operation;

    3. The structure design is more reasonable. The reasonable structure design makes the alfalfa baler more stable, more flexible, and greatly reduces the failure rate.

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  • The fiber balers are compact and easy to transport
    The fiber balers are compact and easy to transport

    Natural fibers (such as plant fibers) are widely used in the textile industry as fillers or woven materials. The common feature of almost all natural fibers (such as coconut shell, palm fiber, wool, cotton, etc.) is that they are very fluffy. Therefore, it is very important for exporters of natural fibers to compress the fibers into tight bales to save space and transportation costs.

    Natural fibers have a greater rebound force when compressed. For materials with high resilience, a heavy-duty baler must be selected, so that the machine can withstand the resilience of the compressed material. The second is the pressure of the baler. Generally, the original density of natural fibers is low. A large-tonnage baler should be selected to ensure the ideal bale density. Generally, the tonnage is 80 tons and above. The last point is that the inner wall of the baler should be designed with a rebound hook to effectively prevent the material from rebounding, thereby improving the packaging efficiency.

    Regardless of whether it is a vertical baler or a horizontal baler, as long as the above conditions are met, this baler is suitable for beating natural fibers. But is it vertical or horizontal more in line with your requirements? It depends on the amount of packaging you need and local labor costs. If you need to pack more than one ton of materials per hour, then the fully automatic horizontal machine is the ideal choice. However, if the local labor cost is lower, you can also choose a more economical vertical baler, which has reached the target output by purchasing multiple units at the same time. Exporters of natural fibers generally choose balers with a tonnage of more than 100 tons to produce high-density bales to maximize loading.

    Although fiber importers hope that the density of the bale should not be too high so that they can easily unpack the loose fibers into the production process, the weight of the container is critical to the fiber exporters. The density of the bale directly determines the weight of the cabinet. The more compact the bale, the higher the density and the higher the weight of the cabinet. In this way, the transportation cost evenly spread to each bale can be reduced, making the price of the fiber more competitive. However, for fiber packaging, we do not recommend using a baler with a tonnage of more than 200 tons, because the density of the bale will be too tight, which will cause difficulties in unBaler and restoring the fiber to a fluffy state.

  • Bangladesh wood fiber baler
    Bangladesh wood fiber baler

    With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, wood fiber balers have played a great role in reusing some solid waste, and they are becoming more and more accepted by everyone.

    The wood fiber Baler machine has fine workmanship, good Baler effect, high density and solidity, which is not easy to fall apart. Wood fiber baler features: convenient refilling, simple structure, small footprint, beautiful appearance, hydraulic door opening, high box body, fast delivery speed, high pressure, beautiful appearance, and easy installation. It has the characteristics of good rigidity, toughness and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safety and energy saving, and low investment cost of equipment basic engineering. It is widely used in all kinds of waste paper factories, waste recycling companies and other units and enterprises. It is suitable for the packaging and recycling of waste paper and waste cardboard. It is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs. .

    Wood fiber baler, using rural corn stalks, wheat stalks, cotton stalks, rice husks, peanut shells, branches, leaves, sawdust and other crops. Solid waste as raw materials, after crushing, pressurizing, and densifying corn stalk feed briquetting Machine mechanized production equipment. This series of equipment has good performance, high production capacity, convenient operation and convenient use. It is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving product based on the countryside and the advantage of biomass resources. It enables the majority of farmers to use crop straws to turn waste into treasures in their fields. Income, a good device for the road to wealth.

  • Norwegian wood fiber baler selection
    Norwegian wood fiber baler selection

    The wood fiber squeezing baler is different from the squeezing baler for waste paper, waste iron, waste plastic, waste clothing and other materials. Different wood fiber production companies use different processing procedures, and the composition and water content of the materials are different, so the required pressurization method and required pressure are also exquisite.

    There are two types of wood fiber balers, vertical and horizontal. The two types have different pressure directions, and the corresponding output and extrusion effects are different.

    1. The vertical balers have small output and waste labor, suitable for squeezing wood fiber materials with high moisture content and are not easily deformed. Each vertical baler needs 2 people to operate.

    2. The horizontal balers can produce moisture between 6 and 50, and the automatic operation, high output, saves labor. Automated operation is one device with 3 people, and two devices with 5 people. The output is 8-11 packages per hour, and each package weighs 1.3 tons (20 moisture).

    This year, the 220-type hydraulic baler is the most popular choice for customers, which has large flow, high speed and high pressure, and is suitable for squeezing and Baler a variety of wood fiber materials.

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  • How to increase the utilization rate of Australian straw balers
    How to increase the utilization rate of Australian straw balers

    At this stage, under the rapid development trend of the product sales market, in terms of industrial equipment, it is necessary to rapidly independent innovation, reform and innovation, to integrate into this rapidly developing sales market, and only in this way can it meet the increasing demand. . Under such development trends, the straw balers must be developed quickly. Naturally, in the whole process of development, everyone will find the problems that have been ignored in the past. Therefore, every update and transformation will make the straw balers overall A new development happens to maintain the pace of this kind of development trend, and it gets more and more outstanding.

    Traditional straw balers are very complicated in the process of dismantling and replacing the production and manufacturing types. It takes a lot of time to prepare in advance, so that the productivity has been greatly reduced so far. Therefore, the upgrading of machinery and equipment Fully consider its adaptability in the process, so that it can apply its own use value as much as possible to meet the requirements of manufacturing. After several tests, the straw baler has now changed the previous type of production process, which simplifies the working process of the machine and equipment very well.

    After the straw baler has been updated and transformed, it is not only its work efficiency that is simplified, but every improvement has given it new development, and it has also produced new assistance for the manufacturing of manufacturing enterprises, and carried out from various fields. The changes have not only improved productivity, but also have prominent performance in improving the technology of machinery and equipment. This type of development model can be applied for a long time. Naturally, this can not only be applied to the whole process of the development trend of straw balers, but also Use it in the whole process of other automatic mechanical equipment production renewal and transformation.

    Nick's high-end technology makes the straw baler more adapt to the development of the times and provide you with better services.

  • Palm silk baler Machine sales
    Palm silk baler Machine sales

    Palm silk baler is currently used in Malaysia, the Philippines, Africa and other countries. It is mainly used to package coconut palm fruit, coconut tree, and coconut skin. It can effectively compress and package the palm silk for easy transportation.

    Palm silk baler is convenient for refilling, simple structure, small footprint, beautiful appearance, hydraulic door opening, high box body, the whole package is pressed at one time, single-sided rope, high pressure, beautiful and beautiful, easy to install, it is more and more popular The more countries love it.

  • Features of coconut palm baler
    Features of coconut palm baler

    Features of coconut palm baler:

    1. This machine uses double cylinder balanced compression, special hydraulic system, and more stable power.

    2. Specially used for compression and packaging of natural fiber products such as coconut fiber and oil palm fiber

    3. High load structure, safe and reliable.

    4. Using four-sided door opening method, "Tic Tac Toe" packing can be carried out.

    The coconut palm baler can help you better deal with loose materials such as coconut palm silk, flax, etc., reduce the volume and facilitate transportation. 

  • Development details of straw baler
    Development details of straw baler

    In the use of straw balers, the entry of moisture should be avoided. The direct responsibility and joint responsibility of the balers. The moisture mentioned here refers to the influence of the surrounding cooling water, waste cardboard balers, carton straw balers, water vapor or moisture. Waste paper boxes, automatic straw baler capacity hydraulic baler can pack waste paper, waste plastic, beverage bottles, cans, straw, straw, etc., to create high economic benefits for users.

    The fully automatic baler is an environmentally friendly equipment that uses hydraulic principles to compress straw and straw into blocks, which is conducive to the storage, transportation and use of straw. It is now widely used in the agricultural and animal husbandry industry, not only has played a huge role in the protection of the environment and resources, but also increased the rated income for farmers throughout the country, achieving a double harvest of environmental protection and benefits.

  • Straw baler Bagging press machine
    Straw baler Bagging press machine

    Let's take a look at the advantages of straw balers.

    1. The straw baler adopts a fully sealed structure with good moisture-proof performance.

    2. Through computer optimization design, the straw baler has reasonable structure, light weight, large suction and low energy consumption

    3. The magnetic coil of the straw baler is treated with special technology, which improves the electrical and mechanical properties of the coil and has a long service life

    4. The rated energization duration of the ordinary electromagnet of the straw baler has been increased from 50% to 60% in the past, which improves the efficiency of the electromagnet.

    5. Ultra-high temperature type electromagnet adopts unique heat insulation method, which expands the applicability of electromagnet.

  • Automatic corn stalk baler
    Automatic corn stalk baler

    We should pay attention to the following points when choosing automatic corn stalk baling:

    1. Check the contents marked on the nameplate, including: machine model, dimensions, supporting power, production date, name of the manufacturer, etc.

    2. Try to choose a good manufacturer as far as possible, which is good for future mechanical maintenance and repair.

    3. After receiving the machine, check the appearance quality of the machine tool and whether the exposed rotating parts and power output shaft have safety protection and whether they are marked with warning signs.

    4. Check whether the automatic corn stalk baler has the "three guarantees" certificate, factory certificate, and instruction manual.

    Nick straw baler has simple structure, small volume, simple daily operation and maintenance, convenient transportation and storage, continuous operation and high efficiency.

  • Tobacco Baling Press Machine
    Tobacco Baling Press Machine

    With several years development, Our Nick baler company, as a professional manufacture ,has been cooperated with more than 50 countries ,such as in America , Germany, French, Australia, South-Africa, etc.  ……as our new products with hydraulic driven ,which is popular for hot sale .

    We have a wide range of baler machine for your reference, such as vertical baler, horizontal baler, bagging machine, block making machine, etc.

    Waste paper baler machine also called waste paper baling machine ,it main used for waste paper ,scrap paper ,cardboard paper ,soft paper ,A4 paper ect. recycling ,most of small or big factory can use it , Automatic Horizontal Baling Press Machine, High Quality  Automatic Horizontal Baling Press Machine, Automatic Baler For Waste PaperNick company produce this machine main function for reducing transport cost and easy storage ,reduce labor cost .

    Shaanxi Nick machinery equipment can supply many kinds of baler machine

    Waste paper baler machine ,plastic baling machine ,metal press ,sawdust bagging machine ,rice husk baler machine ,rag bagging machine ,tire baler machine ,used cloth baling machine ,and many kind of strapping machine ,compactor ,baling press machine as so on

  • Straw hydraulic balers Functions
    Straw hydraulic balers Functions

    Straw hydraulic balers work according to different needs can have different types.  First, pick up the baler. It can be directly tied forage harvest round bales or square  bales. Generally this baler baler density multi-medium density (150kg / m3-250kg /  m3). Such a bale can be directly used for storage or short-distance transport. As an  important part of the forage processing in forage commercialization process. Often  also need to continue to be compressed into density bale density (300kg / m3-500kg  / m3) bales. Therefore, CB fodder of commercial production process often also  require high-density baler, baling machine such as hydraulic straw baler.

    This straw hydraulic balers NKB240 type and NKB180 type straw hydraulic balers  difference is that the inner diameter of the cylinder size. NKB240 type hydraulic baler  straw cylinder inner diameter 220mm, NKB180 type hydraulic baler straw cylinder  inner diameter 250mm. The inner diameter of the cylinder the size of the difference  of pressure hydraulic baler, the greater the pressure the greater the inner diameter  of the cylinder. The equivalent of our top ten tons of jack 10 tons goods very difficult,  if replaced 20 tons jacking 10 tons goods, we should be able to imagine the very  effort.Host frame system: high-quality gas-welding thick steel plate and casting strong frame, advanced mechanical design makes the device durable.

    Delivery system: high-quality thick-beam frame, high-strength steel belt type  transmission.Hydraulic system: hydraulic pumps, solenoid valves and hydraulic cylinders seals and other key parts imported components, making packing pressure, speed, durability, low noise.Electronic control system: Siemens motor, original Mitsubishi PLC programmable controller. Other buttons, sensors, infrared shooting, remote control systems and other key parts imported components, simple operation, easy maintenance.Security Alarm System: process control five security alarm automatically locked shut. In the equipment malfunction, power supply phase, power phase sequence error, pressure high, people strayed package mouth when automatic shutdown alarm.


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