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  • Waste Fabric Baler Brings Benefits To Garment Factories
    Waste Fabric Baler Brings Benefits To Garment Factories

    Whether it is a large garment processing factory or a tailor shop, when making clothes, there will always be a lot of waste cloth strips. Larger waste cloth strips can also be used for smaller clothing production. Clean and tidy cloth strips can be made into head rope or Hairpin cloth, how to deal with the waste cloth strips that are not needed? Some manufacturers will directly bury or incinerate the unnecessary cloth strips, which not only wastes resources but also pollutes the atmosphere; another part of the manufacturers will waste cloth strips Compressed into blocks, convenient for secondary use, waste cloth can be made into gloves, socks, skirt laces, hair ropes and some handicrafts according to different materials and colors.

    The use of a waste cloth baler can not only save resources, but also reduce air pollution and use it for secondary use. The waste cloth baler is cost-effective, simple in structure, easy to use, stable and reliable, and automated operation.

    Almost all large-scale garment processing factories have a waste fabric strip baler as the last processing procedure, so that waste clothing scraps do not need to be specially taken to the waste recycling station for packaging and compression. The waste fabric strip baler is in the garment processing factory. Not only can it be used to pack clothing leftovers, but also can be used to pack finished clothing that is ready for transportation, so that it can save transportation costs, transportation volume and capital costs.

    Nick Machinery is closely following the trend of market development, continuously improving its technical capabilities, enhancing innovation capabilities, and striving to introduce more packer equipment that meets the needs of the society.


  • Horizontal wiper Baler Manufacturers
    Horizontal wiper Baler Manufacturers

    We at NICKBALER have always been adhering to the development idea of bigger and stronger, more refined products, with the goal of continuously adapting to the market to meet customer needs, and constantly introducing international advanced production technology and production equipment, and committed to creating a professional Our waste paper baler products are constantly pursuing perfection.

    NICKBALER has accumulated a wealth of experience since its establishment, and its strength has also been greatly improved.

    The horizontal wiper packing machine is produced and developed by it, and it is also the first equipment in the industry to realize automatic production, which fully caters to the modern production mode.

    Not only that, NICKBALER has adopted international standards and absorbed a large number of leading technologies in the process of developing the horizontal wipe Baler, effectively narrowing the gap between it and international equipment.

    The capabilities of the equipment on the market are constantly improving, and the requirements of users are constantly increasing. This is also the development trend of various industries in the future.

    Therefore, the rag Baler should not slow down due to the temporary technological advancement. It should follow the market dynamics and make timely improvements, so as to better serve the majority of users in the market and provide convenience and help for the development of the society. .

    The manufacturer of NICKBALER wipe balers is responsible for the installation and commissioning of new machines, technical training of operators, and an efficient and complete after-sales service team.

  • Australian clothing Baler Manufacturers
    Australian clothing Baler Manufacturers

    NICKBALER is a high-tech industrial company specializing in R&D, design and manufacturing of clothing packaging compression equipment.

    The company has more than ten patent certificates for clothing packaging machinery, and is committed to providing customers with technical and quality clothing packaging equipment.

    NICKBALER has a strong R&D technology and R&D team, and has accumulated rich experience in long-term R&D practice.

    The company has independent product research and development, constantly improving products and developing new products according to customer needs.

    We are equipped with a strong after-sales service team to provide customers with strong technical support and after-sales service.

    With years of intensive cultivation and continuous development and growth, the company has become a powerful and influential company in the machinery industry and clothing packaging industry. We will continue to be pragmatic and enterprising, and develop more automation equipment that is more suitable for clothing production companies for customers Solve more production problems.

    The use of NICKBALER garment baler can enable enterprises to reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, and reduce transportation costs.

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  • The price trend of Spanish clothing balers
    The price trend of Spanish clothing balers

    Garment Baler manufacturers are very aware of the consumer psychology of customers, and know that price issues are always the most concerned issue for customers when they buy garment Balers.

    Many customers always consult about the price when purchasing clothing baler equipment, just to really buy a clothing baler with excellent value for money and good quality and low price.

    According to industry experts, the value of clothing balers determines the price. High-priced clothing balers will naturally have higher configuration, better power, and higher efficiency, and will be loved by more customers.

    Now not all customers judge the quality of the equipment based on the price of the garment baler. Generally speaking, the high-quality equipment is purchased at a high price. After-sales and many other aspects are guaranteed.

    Quality is the key to measuring the quality of garment Baler machines. This sentence is very practical for manufacturers and customers. This enlightens our customers to pay attention to the quality of garment Baler machines when buying garment Baler machines.

    Since its establishment, NICKBALER has always been adhering to the concept of customer-oriented. The garment baler produced is absolutely value for money. Contact number 86-29-86031588

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  • Dutch clothing Balers
    Dutch clothing Balers

    Clothing baler is one of the commonly used equipment in the waste clothing recycling industry. There are many different types and models. Some clothing balers may have similar functions, but the prices may vary greatly. Many customers do not understand this. , Specifically, we will explain to you what are the price factors that determine the clothing Baler?

    Generally speaking, the key factors that determine the price of clothing Balers are mainly as follows:

    1. The technical content of the clothing balers, different types of clothing balers and models use different technologies, some are manual, some are automatic or even intelligent, and the work efficiency of the equipment is naturally very different. , So there is a difference in the price of equipment, the more advanced equipment, the higher the price.

    2. The performance of the clothing baler is different. Different models have many differences in equipment performance. Some equipment can produce high-quality products, and some equipment can only produce general products, resulting in different economic benefits. The price is naturally different.

    3. Material selection for garment Baler machine. The difference in the selection of materials for the baler equipment has a great impact on the price. The equipment with excellent materials has high production efficiency, low equipment failures, and relatively long service life. Even the products produced have certain advantages.

    The NICKBALER garment baler is used in the packaging and recycling of old clothes, towels, rags, etc. It is easy to operate, improves efficiency, and packs tightly and neatly. Contact consultation telephone 86-29-86031588


  • Judge the quality of the clothing Baler
    Judge the quality of the clothing Baler

    Users pay the most attention to quality issues when buying clothing balers, but now the market for clothing balers is mixed. Generally, if you are not very knowledgeable, it is easy to be fooled by the store, and you can’t buy good quality at a high price. So today we teach you how to Choose the most cost-effective clothing Baler.

    1. If we look at the surface first, we must first observe its material. For example, some clothing Balers are made of more wear-resistant materials, so this is of better quality and more resistant to use.

    2. The next thing we need to pay attention to is the structure of the garment packing machine. Sometimes the structure is too complex to be counterproductive. As long as it is helpful for operation and has stable performance, it is a suitable machine for us.

    3. Another thing that needs to be understood is of course its packaging effect, because this is the result we want to get. A good quality garment packaging machine will definitely have a better packaging effect than a poor quality packaging machine.

    4. Most buyers also pay more attention to the price of clothing packing machines. Everyone hopes to buy high-quality machines at a relatively low price. Of course, when we buy, we have to visit a few more, so that we can buy more cost-effective machines. Clothing packing machine.

    NICKBALER clothing baler supports product customization, available from stock, and supports customized production models and specifications. For details, please call 86-29-86031588

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  • Korean cloth Baler machine manufacturers
    Korean cloth Baler machine manufacturers

    Now there are so many different cloth Baler machine manufacturers, which manufacturer can we rest assured to cooperate and buy the equipment they produce?

    When choosing this type of manufacturer, the first thing you need to pay attention to is to look at the brand's reputation of the manufacturer. It is good to choose the old brands or the new and powerful brands.

    In addition, everyone should pay attention to whether this manufacturer has technical advantages, that is to say, whether these manufacturers have their own unique patented technology for the production of various Balers.

    If you have a good performance in these aspects, then everyone can have a better effect when choosing a cloth Baler.

    These are some of the conditions that people can refer to when choosing a fabric Baler manufacturer, so that people can make a good choice among such manufacturers, so that they can also find the best cloth for themselves. Baler.

    NICKBALER garment Baler machine manufacturers have always attached great importance to technological innovation and R&D investment, and insisted on vigorously promoting new product development and technological improvement.

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  • The market price of clothing balers
    The market price of clothing balers

    The clothing industry is developing faster and faster. If machinery is used to replace packaging, labor can be reduced in many cases, work efficiency can be improved, and efficiency can be improved. More and more manufacturers are processing machinery, and the production quantity can also be increased. They can be delivered within the specified time with customers. The more complete the machinery, the better the trust of customers. I want manufacturers to develop more and more. Well, these are essential.

    Take the current garment Baling Press machine as an example. If the garment industry does not have such a machine, there will not be so much manual work in a day, and it will not be so fast. If you are manual, you may not be able to make it in time. If you are talking to the customer about the delivery, But you have not done it yet. This is that you have not given customers a sense of trust. Do you think there will be such cooperation next time?

    How high is the price of clothing balers in the market? If you want to buy, how do you refer to the market price? First, you must choose the right garment Baling Press machine. Then you need to compare. There are more manufacturers of garment Baling Press machines, so you should choose a reputable garment Baling Press machine manufacturer and brand. Larger manufacturers and manufacturers with good after-sales service will make purchases.

    Garment Balers are divided into fully automatic Balers and semi-automatic Balers, and the market price is also very different. With the continuous improvement of the level of mechanization, the price of clothing Balers is also changing.

    Nick Machinery Garment Balers are mainly used in the recycling and packaging of clothing, textiles, quilts and shoes, and are widely used in old clothes recycling factories.

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  • Misunderstandings in the purchase of clothing Balers
    Misunderstandings in the purchase of clothing Balers

    Users often enter into a misunderstanding when buying a clothing Baler, believing in high price and high quality, but the market is mixed, and shoddy is not uncommon, so at this time we must be vigilant and consider the following points. It's good:

    1. Only care about the price of the garment packing machine, not the quality of the equipment.

    A popular sentence nowadays, to the effect that many customers now always like to talk about the price with the manufacturers with low prices, and talk about the quality with the manufacturers with low prices. This is the so-called price misunderstanding.

    2. Insufficient attention to quality, ignoring that the quality of the clothing Baler is also a part of the product image.

    3. Ignore the after-sales service capability of the clothing packing machine supplier.

    NICKBALER garment packing machine manufacturers have a strong technical team, a good quality assurance system and a perfect after-sales service team. 

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  • NICKBALER quality clothing Baler manufacturer
    NICKBALER quality clothing Baler manufacturer

    If we want to buy a better garment baler, then of course we also need to find a high-quality garment baler manufacturer.

    For example, if we find a well-known brand, then we can get better quality assurance, and we can also get a better experience of the functions of the clothing Baler we bought.

    Choosing the garment strapping machine produced by a high-quality garment strapping machine manufacturer can enjoy many different functions.

    The first is that there will be better guarantees in terms of after-sales service. Such Balers can often bring people more than five years of quality assurance experience, which is undoubtedly very beneficial to everyone.

    At the same time, we can also see that the garment Baler machine manufacturers will update the functions of various garment Baler machines from time to time.

    So when everyone chooses a high-quality manufacturer, they can also let people enjoy a better experience in these aspects, and can get more improvements in the functions of the equipment, and bring better results.

    NICKBALER garment baler has the characteristics of small size, high efficiency, fully automated one-key operation, and is very popular with customers. 

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  • NICKBALER clothing Baler after-sales service
    NICKBALER clothing Baler after-sales service

    When buying a clothing Baler, the issues to consider are nothing more than quality, price, performance, production volume, after-sales, etc. Today we will mainly talk about the after-sales service of the NICKBALER clothing Baler.

    Friends who are familiar with us know that NICKBALER is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic balers with rich production experience. Like our production experience, our after-sales service is also very fast and


    NICKBALER hydraulic garment Baling Press machine manufacturers have resident service centers in the United States, India, Australia, Sri Lanka and other countries or regions. No matter if you have any questions, you need to consult, or if you need to install equipment or replace parts, you can go to Our local service center for consultation.

    Hydraulic equipment such as clothing balers are shipped from China through customs. If the machine is in stock, it will be shipped faster. If you need to customize the machine, it will take a while to ship to the customer.

    When customers use hydraulic equipment such as clothing Balers, if there is a problem that parts need to be replaced or repaired, if there is no after-sales maintenance from our local, they can directly contact our Chinese manufacturer for express delivery of parts.

    If there is a problem with the domestic machine parts, they will be delivered on the same day, and they can be delivered to the customer the next day at the latest. In foreign countries, we can send the parts to the customer by air transportation for up to 4 days due to the long distance.

    NICKBALER provides customers with better, faster and more complete after-sales service for a long time, so that products from design, production to customer use, can get a good guarantee of benefits.

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  • Garment Baler can reduce transportation costs
    Garment Baler can reduce transportation costs

    Many people have questions, can the garment Baling Press machine only pack garments? The answer is no. The garment Baling Press machine can not only pack compressed garments, but also pack shoes, quilts and other items that we often use in our daily lives.

    There are four seasons in the year, spring, summer, autumn and winter. The clothes we wear in each season are different. When we take a break, the quilt we cover is also different. The temperature difference between spring and autumn is not big, so we can use spring and autumn quilt; if it is too hot in summer, we usually choose summer. Cool quilt; if the winter is colder, choose a warm quilt, such as cotton quilt, down quilt, wool quilt and so on. For so long, the quilt will always be broken or slowly forgotten. Most people donate the quilt that they don’t need but is intact to remote and poor areas. What can be done to save time, manpower and material resources? Under the circumstances, can the packaging and transportation be completed quickly without occupying the transportation volume?

    At this time, a garment strapping machine is needed to pack and compress. The garment strapping machine has the characteristics of high Baling Press density, beautiful package shape, simple installation and easy operation. After the garment strapping machine is packed and compressed, it can also reduce labor intensity. Save manpower and material resources, occupy a small area, reduce transportation costs and other advantages.


  • The price of clothing baler in the market
    The price of clothing baler in the market

    When buying a clothing Baler, the price is often the focus, and the price of the clothing Baler determines the quality of the product it buys. Few people pay attention to the quality, especially the mechanical aspect. They think that they are all the same things. Why is your home so expensive? But the price of the garment Baling Machine machine indirectly reflects the quality of the garment Baling Machine machine. I wonder what you think?

    In fact, in the market because of the richness of product categories, consumers have some obstacles when choosing the products they want. At the beginning, when consumers choose products, they must first understand the price issue, but now it is only Price alone cannot dominate the product you want to choose. Just like for a clothing Baler, price cannot be the only condition for choosing it. We must pay more attention to its performance, quality, efficiency and what we create. Benefits. Although there are many types of clothing Baling Machine machines, price, quality, performance and production efficiency are all directly related.

    According to different consumer groups, the price of the product must be within your budget. If it exceeds or exceeds a lot, these people may not be able to bear it. Therefore, it is not easy to find high-quality and low-cost products, depending on the product. No longer just look at the price, but at the same time have to understand the quality and production capacity. When buying a clothing Baler, you can't just choose the product based on the price. Sometimes the price will be a cover.


  • NICKBALER clothing Baler after-sales
    NICKBALER clothing Baler after-sales

    When recycling all kinds of old clothes and other materials, in order to better pack these materials, special clothing balers are used.

    This is a very practical packaging equipment, which can quickly compress various fluffy materials effectively and quickly, resulting in better packaging efficiency.

    A good clothing Baler machine manufacturer can bring people a very good quality of service.

    Many devices are similar in function and usage, but there is a slight difference in service, which will bring completely different feelings.

    For example, when a customer consults some questions about the baler, some manufacturers ignore them after selling the equipment, and high-quality clothing baler manufacturers will provide a very complete and comprehensive after-sales service after the customer purchases the baler.

    Buying NICKBALER garment Baler machine can also enjoy a good quality assurance service. The purchased equipment has a longer quality after-sales guarantee, which makes people have a better sense of use when using the NICKBALER garment Baler machine.


  • Advantages of clothing Baler machine manufacturers
    Advantages of clothing Baler machine manufacturers

    After years of innovation, research and development, the NICKBALER garment Baler machine has become an indispensable hydraulic Baler equipment for cotton producing areas, textile enterprises, garment factories and other enterprises.

    Advantages of NICKBALER garment Baler machine manufacturers:

    1. Focus on the research and development, production and sales of hydraulic packaging machinery for the past two decades.

    1) Take the lead in passing the ISO9001-ISO2000 international quality system certification among peer companies;

    2) The company has won many recognitions from the industry and customers for its integrity, strength and product quality.

    2. The first-class process equipment and strong technical force ensure the quality

    1) There is a first-class design and R&D team, and the products are constantly researched and updated, and products can be tailored according to your different needs;

    2) Introduced the international advanced mechanical host production line to ensure that each hydraulic baler product is a high-quality product.


  • Development direction of Czech clothing baler
    Development direction of Czech clothing baler

    With the continuous expansion of the industrial industry, the hydraulic machinery industry dominated by clothing balers is also moving forward steadily. Although today’s clothing balers have met multiple production needs, quality, price, and power consumption have also reached the country. Quality assurance requirements.

    The clothing baler is to recycle and compress a variety of loose waste products such as waste paper, straw, waste plastic, and waste clothes. It has many advantages such as saving time, cost, and labor.

    For most customers, today's clothing baler equipment has fully met the production needs and does not need to be upgraded again. However, for manufacturers who produce clothing baler, the road to equipment upgrades is still very long.

    With the continuous reform and improvement of intelligent equipment, clothing balers should also develop towards a better level. In the future, clothing balers can not only compress waste items, but also compress clean clothes and store them, and open them when needed again. The clothes that have been compressed by the bag will reappear, reducing the occupied area and expanding the storage space.

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