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  • Regarding the waste paper baler, when the entire equipment is completed, it may be used for a long time to replace the hydraulic oil.

    The hydraulic system needs to be cleaned once. So how do we strive to clean the oil pump of the waste paper baler?

    1. Organize the environmental site.

    2. Use low-viscosity special cleaning oil. When cleaning, add the oil to the oil tank of the hydraulic baler and heat it to 50-80 degrees Celsius.

    3. Start the hydraulic pump and let it work empty. During the cleaning process, you must tap the tube lightly to remove the attachments. Clean the oil filter for 20 minutes to check the contamination status, and clean the filter, and then clean it again. Repeat this repeatedly until there is nothing on the filter. Many pollutants stopped.

    4. For the more messy hydraulic system, each area can be cleaned according to the work area. The hydraulic cylinder can also be connected to allow the hydraulic cylinder to reciprocate to clean the system.

    5. After cleaning, the cleaning oil must be drained as much as possible, and the inside of the oil tank must be cleaned. Then remove the temporary cleaning circuit to restore the hydraulic baler system to normal operating conditions.

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    Waste paper baler is an environmental protection equipment that uses hydraulic principles to compress waste paper and waste cardboard into blocks, which is beneficial to waste paper storage, transportation and utilization.https://

  • The production principle of the waste paper baler is to realize the compression and bundling of materials with the help of the operation of the hydraulic oil cylinder. Then the pressure of the waste paper baler is the better, the following will be explored together with Nick Machinery.

    Depending on the model of the waste paper baler, the size of the hydraulic cylinder is different. This is selected according to the equipment process design, production capacity and finished product requirements, which means that the pressure of the cylinder matches the overall performance of the equipment. It’s not simply that the greater the pressure, the better.

    Second: Generally speaking, the higher the pressure of the waste paper baler, the better the degree of compression of the finished product. When selecting equipment, users should choose according to their own processing requirements, such as the daily production volume and the requirements of the finished product, etc. Suitable products.

    Whether it is a vertical or horizontal waste paper baler, it uses oil cylinder operation to realize the compression treatment of raw materials, so how much pressure is better?

    With the continuous development of production technology, the models of waste paper balers are more complete, and different models of products are equipped with different cylinders. Generally speaking, the larger the equipment model, the greater the cylinder pressure.

    Secondly: The pressure of the waste paper baler is not set randomly, but is determined comprehensively according to the equipment process, the size of the finished product, and the processing requirements. At present, our factory has many series of products for users and friends to choose from, I believe you can quickly buy them Suitable for your own equipment.

    Different types of waste paper balers have different bin sizes, etc. Some of the design details will be explained below.

    The size of the material box is determined comprehensively according to the power unit used by the waste paper baler and the pressure of the hydraulic system. If the material box is too large and the pressure is small, the quality of the finished product after pressing is not good. On the contrary, if the pressure is too large, the quality of the finished product will be poor. Deformation and other conditions may occur.

    Several doors of the bin under the waste paper baler can be opened, which is convenient for placing the rope and the finished product out of the package, and is also equipped with a fixing device, which can enhance the production safety of the equipment.

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    Nick Machinery Waste Paper Baler, as the name suggests, is a machine that packs waste paper together. This kind of machine can re-mix the messy paper and then integrate it together to form a consolidated and perfect whole to reduce the volume.

  • Balers (metal balers, metal shears, hydraulic metal balers, heavy scrap shears, heavy scrap shears) are the strapping machines we often use to pack various items. When we use the machine To operate in accordance with the regulations, do not blindly, let's talk to Nick Machinery to understand what you need to pay attention to when using the baler.

    1. First of all, pay attention to some things when using electrical components, such as when repairing and adjusting the baler, you must pay attention to blocking the power switch, unplug the power plug, and touch the electronic control box and transformer when the power is turned on. risks of. In addition, if the external insulation is damaged, contact with the body will cause an electric shock, which is very risky.

    2. Secondly, regarding the heater, if the heater is directly touched by hand in high temperature conditions (approximately 230 degrees), it will be burned. We have to cool down for a period of time after blocking the power supply before we can return to normal temperature.

    3. Third, during the operation of the machine, stop putting your hands or head into the structure. If you put your head or hands into the structure, it will cause damage to the body of the Baler.

    4. Fourth, when we remove the upper panel, we must first block the power switch, unplug the power supply, and then repair and adjust the machine.

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    The size of the feeding box and the shape and size of the package block of the Nick Machinery metal baler can be designed and customized according to the user's raw material specifications. Contact consultation telephone 86-29-86031588

  • Hydraulic balers should have a far-reaching impact on our lives. You can look at it. Nick Machinery hydraulic balers are the characteristics of mobilizing a variety of hydraulic balers, providing us with the most convenient packaging and production, and it can be very good in production. The completion of the packaging, so the hydraulic baler is also one of the most favored equipment in our lives.

    In addition, because of the long-term development of hydraulic balers, many times the market is disordered and customers have no way to start. Therefore, many low-cost hydraulic balers will take advantage of the vacancy. Such development has made the profession humiliated. I have to say that such development has caused heavy professional losses. Of course, the development of hydraulic balers needs to be maintained together, and I hope that we can look for Nick Machinery. brand.

    The occupation of hydraulic baler has always been a very rapid development, and many times our lives have changed differently because of the existence of hydraulic baler. For example, hydraulic baler is very important in life, and the packaging of products does not want to use hydraulic baler. Waste books, waste newspapers, waste paper boxes, etc.


    We are convinced that through the promotion of Nick Machinery, you will have a better understanding of hydraulic baler.

  • The mechanical processing method is to use special scrap steel processing machinery to process the scrap steel, to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of the scrap steel, which is conducive to the tempering of the furnace and the convenience of transportation.

    There are many types of scrap steel processing machinery, and users can choose appropriate scrap steel processing equipment according to the processing requirements of scrap steel and the scale of production and economic capacity of the enterprise.

    At that time, scrap steel processing equipment was divided into processing and auxiliary feeding equipment. Processing methods include Baler, briquetting, cutting, crushing, etc.

    1. Mechanical packaging method

    The mechanical baling method is to use a metal baler at room temperature to limit the frivolous steel scrap into bales with a certain shape and density. This kind of bale can be exercised in the furnace, and it is also easy to transport, which saves transportation capacity and reduces environmental pollution during transportation. The equipment used is a metal baler.

    2. Mechanical briquetting method

    Many metal cutting processes in the production process of the machinery industry produce a lot of steel chips, cast iron chips, copper chips, aluminum chips and other chips. If these chips are discarded, it will not only waste resources, but also severely pollute the environment. Taking it back and returning it to the oven after processing is a useful way to deal with it.

    The processing equipment for metal chips is a metal chip briquetting machine, whose processing method is to directly limit cast iron chips, copper chips, and aluminum chips into a cylinder with a higher density at room temperature. If it is a long strip of steel shavings, the steel shavings should be broken before the restriction, and then restricted.

    The scrap steel briquettes processed by the briquetting machine generally have a density of more than 4500kg/m3, which greatly reduces the volume of the scraps, improves the transportation capacity and can be returned to the furnace for exercise, and can also reduce the environmental pollution during transportation. The equipment used is: Metal briquetting machine.

    3. Mechanical shearing method

    The so-called shearing is to use a scrap shearing machine to cut the long strip of steel scrap to a suitable length for training. Nowadays, the scrap steel shearing machine has three types of structure: crocodile type, double-edged crocodile type and portal type. The equipment used is: metal shearing Machine, box-type shearing machine, heavy-duty shearing machine, etc.

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    Nick Machinery's automatic hydraulic baler is an unmanned operation of fully automatic compression and Baler, suitable for places with a lot of materials, reducing labor expenditures and improving work efficiency.

  • The automatic horizontal hydraulic baler has the characteristics of good stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safety and energy saving, and low investment cost of equipment basic engineering. It is used in various waste paper factories, old recycling companies and other units and enterprises. It is suitable for waste paper, books, cartons, yellow paper skins, plastic bottles, waste cotton, waste cloth, cotton, cola bottles, ton bags, straws, and straws. , Plastic paper, greenhouse film, paper tube, wood veneer, domestic waste, industrial waste, cotton bales, rice husk, tires and other compressible materials. The bale is strong and compact, which is convenient for packaging and transportation and reduces the volume. It saves 80% of the stacking space, reduces the freight cost, and is conducive to environmental protection and waste recycling. It is a machine for various waste paper mills and waste recycling industries. The packaging and recycling of old waste paper, plastic straw, etc. is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs.

    Advantages of mechanical horizontal hydraulic baler:

    1. The closed structure makes the packaging tighter;

    2. High-strength out of the package door, automatic opening and closing, hydraulic lock the door, making the operation more convenient;

    3. Reasonable double scissor blade design improves paper cutting efficiency and prolongs the service life of the blade;

    4. Anti-slip drop design to avoid the appearance of trapezoidal bag, making the bag more beautiful;

    5. The main oil cylinder adopts the design of the turret bracket and the spherical end surface, which can eliminate the torque acting on the main shaft and extend the life of the oil seal;

    6. The press car is processed by a gantry milling machine to ensure accuracy during movement;

    7. This machine adopts the original brand hydraulic system to make the machine safer;

    8. No site infrastructure is required, making installation simple and easy.

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    Choosing Nick Machinery hydraulic baler, independent hydraulic system, servo system control, is the best choice to help you solve and recycle waste.

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