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  • At present, waste paper recycling in my country is still in the stage of private spontaneous and small-scale operation. Most of my country's waste collection stations are small in scale and belong to workshop-style production. The monthly output of waste paper is extremely unstable and cannot produce an effective and continuous supply. Therefore, most of its waste paper flows to some small paper mills around it.

    The domestic automatic hydraulic waste paper baler has been continuously developed since the reform and opening up, but the domestic baler equipment is not very suitable for market demand, and many key equipment still needs to be imported. There are now about a thousand manufacturers of waste paper balers in my country, and the types of domestic products now basically cover all sectors of the machinery industry. It can be seen that the development prospect of my country's hydraulic automatic waste paper baler is very attractive, but there are also certain problems. Therefore, in order to ensure the sound development of domestic hydraulic balers, there are still many problems to be solved.

    First, enterprises adopt new technologies, promote new equipment, and actively eliminate backward technological levels. Only by actively improving the technical level and production level of the equipment and adopting new technology and new equipment can the enterprise improve the application field of the fully automatic hydraulic waste paper baler and ensure product quality and safety.

    Second, enterprises should establish a national machinery industry information network to improve the quality and technical exchanges of fully automatic hydraulic waste paper balers, actively innovate and develop new products, appropriately introduce foreign equipment, and jointly make the domestic production of fully automatic balers. Hard work.


    Third, enterprises should pay attention to the training of professional and technical personnel for automatic Baler machines. Provide special training for new employees of the enterprise to cultivate their technical level and professional quality; strengthen investment in the development of automatic hydraulic waste paper baler technology, real-time survival of the fittest in equipment, and establish a modern management system for fully automatic hydraulic waste paper baler .

    Fourth, the production of fully automatic hydraulic waste paper balers with reliable equipment and long service life is the unanimous goal of the common development of my country’s machinery industry. The majority of domestic enterprises must continue to actively develop new products and strive to ensure continuous innovation and technological innovation of the products. Perfect, strive to achieve a leading position, and make greater contributions to my country's machinery industry.

    Nick Machinery's hydraulic waste paper baler equipment not only improves the automation of the recycling industry, but also improves work efficiency and reduces human and financial expenditures.

  • With the revitalization of waste recycling and straw utilization in China, the application field and market prospects of hydraulic balers are becoming wider and wider. Technological innovation is the main measure for enterprises to improve the performance of hydraulic baler. The hydraulic baler is constantly adopting new technology in key parts, adding new equipment, and formulating suitable work operating procedures for key processes such as fuel tank production, pipeline welding, and surface coating. The hydraulic baler is difficult and the process is complicated. A wide range, from drawing design to component installation and commissioning, from matching parts to goods to structural parts processing and assembly, from assembly testing to on-site commissioning, each link directly affects the smooth progress of the entire production process, especially large-scale automatic hydraulic waste paper The baler is difficult. As the annual production volume increases, the exchange of technology has become the biggest obstacle affecting production, and the consequent increase in costs and inefficiency will also arise.

    The world's machinery manufacturing powers attach great importance to the development of basic products. Due to the wide application of high-tech technology in foreign hydraulic baler technology, basic products have greatly improved and developed in terms of level, variety and expanded application fields.


    The competition in the hydraulic waste paper baler market is getting hotter and the profit margin is getting lower and lower. How to reduce the production cost and realize the double profit of the owner and the supplier is a problem that every hydraulic baler manufacturer needs to consider. Only by determining the important position of the product in the market, changing the old concept, and upgrading technological innovation, can we achieve fast and good development under the premise of ensuring the quantity.

    The button centralized control of Nick Machinery waste paper baler can realize a variety of working methods, simple and convenient operation, safe and reliable operation of the machine, and can be customized according to the actual needs of customers. Contact consultation telephone 86-29-86031588 

  • Hydraulic transmission is a widely used transmission method for hydraulic waste paper balers. The hydraulic system of the hydraulic baler is developing in the direction of high performance, high precision and complexity, so its reliability is a very prominent problem. The fault detection and diagnosis technology of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic baler is getting more and more attention.

    Before testing the hydraulic system of the hydraulic baler, firstly, you must be familiar with the composition and working principle of the hydraulic system of the equipment hydraulic baler, and secondly, check the oil level position of the hydraulic oil tank and the sediment at the bottom of the tank.

    The main dynamic parameters of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic baler include the determination of oil temperature, oil pressure and flow rate.

    For the hydraulic system of the hydraulic baler, the temperature fault information load is relatively large, and the temperature detection can provide help for finding the fault point. Whether the pressure is normal or not directly affects the performance of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic baler. Therefore, in the detection of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic baler, the technical status of the system can be analyzed and judged through the pressure change of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic baler. The abnormal flow in the hydraulic system of the hydraulic baler will affect the operating speed of the working mechanism. Flow detection can be carried out with a portable hydraulic Baler hydraulic system detector. Connect the detector and the pump in series, and compare the measured flow value under the rated pressure with the rated value to determine whether the pump is faulty.


    Statistics show that more than 75% of hydraulic baler hydraulic system failures originate from the pollution of its working medium—hydraulic oil. The working oil carries a lot of and rich information about hydraulic baler hydraulic system failures. Therefore, right The monitoring and analysis of oil is one of the important means to predict and diagnose the failure of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic baler.

    Nick Machinery hydraulic waste paper baler is specially used for the recycling, compression and packaging of waste corrugated boxes, cardboard, newspapers and other materials. At the same time, it can also be customized according to customer requirements.

  • When people buy something, they don’t just focus on the quality of a product, but also need to look at the price of a product, because only when the price is right, can they better satisfy people in terms of cost, so the advantages that can be achieved are obvious different. When we understand from the perspective of rationalization, for example, when people buy a straw Baler Press machine, they will definitely ask whether the price of this product will change accordingly. Once there is a change, it will It is a very important issue that affects people's purchases.

    Now when people are buying, they will definitely pay attention to the market price of the straw Baler Press machine, because the market price sometimes changes greatly, so people need to know the price and ensure that when buying, use a very low price. , It can better cater to people's purchase and use, so this market price is a very important part.


    Furthermore, the market price of the straw Baler Press machine itself has a lot of effects. Some businesses will increase the price privately, the purpose is to make themselves earn more money, so people should start from this aspect. Think about it and choose some suitable merchants.

    You also need to know the price in terms of cost, because the cost and price of different straw Baler Press machine manufacturers are very different, so when you look at this product, you must have a detailed grasp of the price change, so that you can It's better to buy.

    Nick Machinery's straw Baler Press machine has the characteristics of high work efficiency, low energy consumption, easy installation and operation, safe and reliable use, and reasonable price. Free consultation hotline86-29-86031588

  • In fact, the price of the straw Baler Press machine varies according to different models. As long as you understand the function of the straw Baler Press machine, you will probably have a certain grasp of its price. Let's take a look now.

    The straw Baler Press machine is a device that crushes and compresses biomass materials such as straw into efficient, environmentally friendly fuel or feed. Good machines have huge differences from parts to processing. Many friends who work in agriculture like to be cheap, consult many sellers to quote the price, and then choose the machine based on the low price. In fact, this method is wrong. of. Products should be carefully selected according to their actual conditions. In addition, there are great differences in product quality and after-sales service. The so-called "you get what you pay for."

    After purchasing a cheap product, the machine quality problem did not take long. After consulting the seller, there was no after-sales service. Some after-sales service attitudes were poor, and some were not technically qualified, which caused many customers to be unable to repair after using the machine , Or can not be used normally, resulting in the product scrapping, it can be said that it does not save money or effort.

    The machines of regular manufacturers have high degree of automation, high output, low price, low power consumption and simple operation. If there is no electric equipment, diesel engine can be used instead.

    The automatic adjustment function of the pressure wheel: the pressure angle is automatically adjusted by the principle of the thrust bearing bidirectional rotation, so that the material is not crowded, and the machine is not stuffed, and the stability of the discharge molding is guaranteed.


    When buying a product, in addition to the issue of the price, you must also pay attention to whether the manufacturer is formal, and the manufacturer will not make a random price.

    Although the one-time investment for purchasing a product with high quality, performance and quality is high, the price of the straw Baler Press machine is guaranteed in the future, and the probability of failure is lower. In contrast, it has won the cost and time. From a long-term perspective It seems more cost-effective.

    Nick Machinery is a professional manufacturer of balers, with leading equipment, reasonable planning, and small space, which conforms to the concept of environmental protection. It is waiting for your cooperation to make contributions to environmental protection.

  • In the era of intelligence, the waste paper baler ushered in new development opportunities and brought many opportunities. With the continuous advancement and development of science and technology in the future, waste paper balers will present an automated and intelligent development trend in the market to meet market needs.

    In order to meet the requirements of the delivery date and the need to reduce the cost of process circulation, the future waste paper baler is required to be capable of high-speed production. We often say that we need a sense of security. Only with a sense of security can we have a more comfortable life. In fact, the same is true for waste paper balers. Only with stable and reliable technology can products be packaged more safely. Unstable waste paper packaging opportunities cause serious waste of packaging materials and increase the production burden of enterprises.

    More importantly, once the unstable packaging machine has a problem, it will damage the product and cause the packaging to be unsightly. Consumers will definitely not have a good impression of such products, which will damage the reputation of the company. Secondly, the stability of waste paper balers is closely related to technological progress. With the continuous application of new technologies in the packaging industry, the reliability of waste paper balers has increased to a very high level. The application of automation and intelligent technology greatly improves the stability, and the equipment itself rarely fails.


    The intelligent baler can self-check the fault, where the fault occurs, and send out an alarm, so that the company has time to carry out targeted maintenance. The use of advanced technology makes multifunctional packaging machines appear in people's field of vision. This waste paper baler is not only stable and reliable, but also powerful, and can provide a variety of packaging services. Therefore, intelligent development is an inevitable trend for the development of the entire packaging industry in the future. Of course, the waste paper baler in the development stage should also tend to be intelligent. The introduction of intelligent technology has brought forward momentum and momentum to the development of the domestic economy. Huge market.

    Nick Machinery's waste paper baler equipment is easy to transport, easy to install and maintain, and the emergency stop button is installed separately to make the operation safer.

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