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  • Uses of waste plastic hydraulic baler:plastic film,plastic bottles,hard plastic baskets,discarded computer shells,straws and other loose materials are compressed and packaged.The shape and size of the bales are uniform and tidy,large in proportion,high in density,beautiful in package shape,reduced in size,and convenient for storage And transportation can effectively reduce storage space and reduce logistics costs.

    1.The equipment model varies from 60 tons to 100 tons according to the pressure.The specifications and varieties are complete,and the package type and package weight can be customized according to user requirements.

    2.Closed structure,tighter packing,automatic door opening and closing,convenient operation.


    3.All oil cylinders adopt imported material sealing ring,which is of reliable quality and trouble-free operation.

    4.The power supply is three-phase 380V.The power of the motor depends on the equipment.There must be grounding protection during installation.The motor must be operated according to the indicated direction before it can be activated,otherwise it cannot run.

    If you need a waste plastic baler,please visit the Nick Machinery website,there are product pictures and videos,please click to watch!Or call 86-29-86031588,if you don’t understand,someone will be responsible for the explanation.

  • Maize is used as feed for grain,economics,and feed.Corn stalks are also an important production resource for industrial and agricultural production.Corn stalks are rich in nutrients and available chemical components and can be used as feedstock for animal husbandry.For a long time,corn stalks have been one of the main raw materials for livestock feed.

    Corn stalks can be crushed and processed into feed;to produce biogas,which can play a role in energy saving and environmental protection;processed into fuel;and can also be used for papermaking.


    Green corn stalks can be used for the consumption of poultry.If it is a large-scale breeding farm,the farming materials occupy too much area,and it is inconvenient to use directly for poultry.At this time,the materials can be packed and stored with a straw baler,which not only reduces a lot of floor space,but also makes it very convenient for poultry to eat.

    Nick Machinery provides:corn stalk balers,corn stalk briquetting machines and other packaging equipment,Tel: +86 15021631102,looking forward to long-term cooperation with you!

    If you are interested in the waste paper baler or have any questions, please log on to our company's website:,or call:86-29-86031588

  • How to make corn stalks green feed?The traditional method uses an underground fermentation tank,and the most advanced mechanized equipment is a hydraulic green storage baler,which can seal and ferment the straw to improve the quality of the straw green storage.

    Silage is to use the lactic acid bacteria present in the green feed to ferment the cut corn stalks under anaerobic conditions to convert part of the sugar source in the feed into lactic acid and reduce the pH value of the silage to below 4.2.

    In order to inhibit the reproduction and growth of other aerobic microorganisms such as molds,spoilage bacteria,etc.,so as to achieve the purpose of long-term storage of green fodder corn stalks.

    The silage baler can bag corn stalks,and has gradually become a good helper for animal husbandry.It has a wide range of applications and is easy to use.


    It is a machine that ferments forage grass through silage bagging.Its characteristics can not only reduce losses,but also will not produce waste and mold,which greatly saves the waste of feed.

    Due to the good sealing of plastic bag silage,the quality of the anaerobic fermentation environment of lactic acid bacteria is improved,the nutritional value of the silage is improved,the smell is aromatic,the crude protein content is high,the crude fiber content is low,the digestibility is high,the palatability is good,and the feed intake rate High,the utilization rate of livestock can reach 100%.

    Nick brand silage baler has low packaging cost,small size,high compression density,easy transportation and commercialization,and is an ideal assistant for modern livestock silage.

    For specific pictures,videos and technical parameters,please visit the,or call:86-29-86031588

  • The planting of forage grass usually chooses adaptability and vigorous vitality,and the output of forage grass is directly related to the increase of feed value.

    At present,there are many types of forage grass to choose from.Natural weeds are not suitable for packing with green storage baler,because they are more delicate,more watery,and less after drying,so such grasses are not suitable for any form of processing .

    The forage that has been packaged by the green storage baler can protect its nutritional value to a large extent and meet the conditions as feed to the greatest extent.

    Auxiliary machinery and equipment provide safe and stable production for the work of the green storage baler. Whether the packages produced by the green storage baler can be directly used for animal husbandry and what impact it has on storage will be directly affected.


    At the same time,most hay preparation machinery is multi-purpose.

    The characteristic of green storage baler packaging is to set the length and width of the package before working,adjust the nature of the work structure,how to make the packaged out more perfect,and it is more conducive to direct storage and direct consumption to livestock,which can effectively reflect the green The powerful working performance of the storage baler.

    Nick is a manufacturer specializing in the production of green storage balers,waste paper balers,straw balers,and metal balers.Its models are diverse,high-quality,and perfect after-sales.Welcome new and old customers to negotiate business.

    Company,or call:86-29-86031588

  • Rice husk is the largest by-product of rice processing,accounting for about 20% of rice by weight.Based on the current world annual output of 568 million tons of rice,the annual output of rice husk is about 11.36 million tons.The annual output of rice in my country is 260 million tons,and the annual output of rice husk is about 32 million tons,ranking first in the world.

    Rice husk is a common surplus material in rice mills.Because the rice husk is relatively light,it occupies a relatively large area.In addition,it is inconvenient to transport.Therefore,people need to use a packing machine to compress and pack the rice husk,which saves storage space It facilitates transportation.


    Rice husk packing machine is also called rice husk compression packing machine.It is a more mature fully automatic rice husk packing machine in China.It breaks through the traditional problem that one pack is easy to block when one pack is pushed.The rice hull packer produced by Nick Company One package is one package,and there will be no blockage at all.

    Company,or call:86-29-86031588

  • The hydraulic system of the waste paper baler was originally its important function.The hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor are the two central components in the hydraulic system.Their reasonable selection can improve the power of the system and ensure the reliable operation of the hydraulic waste paper baler.Energy consumption and noise reduction are very important.

    The hydraulic system of the waste paper baler is originally a power component that supplies a certain flow and pressure of oil.It is the central component of each hydraulic system.Reasonably select the hydraulic pump to reduce the energy consumption of the hydraulic system of the horizontal waste paper baler.It is very important to improve the power of the system,reduce the noise,improve the operation function and ensure the reliability of the system operation.


    Nick brand waste paper baler is easy to operate,simple in structure,stable in action,high in failure rate and easy to clean.It is a good helper for your production.

    If you are interested or have questions about the waste paper baler,please visit our, or call:86-29-86031588

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