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  • The stalk baler is an environmental protection equipment that uses hydraulic principles to compress straw,straw,etc.into blocks,which is conducive to the storage,transportation and utilization of straw.It can also process green storage,yellow storage,micro storage,and dry straw bales.

    How to choose a mobile straw baler?

    First look at the structural design,welding process and other issues,firm and durable;good and strict processing technology is also essential for a good machine.Good hydraulic balers all use plunger pumps,which greatly reduce the noise compared with the vane pumps used in the traditional market,and avoid the phenomenon of burning the motor due to the huge pressure generated during the work;and the implementation is strict The hydraulic cylinder handles the phenomenon to ensure that it can be used normally.


    Finally,choosing a good manufacturer is very important,which is related to product quality and future after-sales service.A good manufacturer can tailor-made according to the actual needs of customers,so that customers can get benefits,save energy,improve work efficiency,and reduce costs.

    Nick is such a good manufacturer.There are many models of straw balers that can meet your needs.

    If you are interested in the straw balers or have any questions,please log on to our company's website:,or call:86-29-86031588

  • The straw baler safety signs must be reasonably eye-catching,so that employees can be vigilant and aware,so as to achieve the purpose of prevention.

    All substances and places that can pose a threat to the human body must have safety signs.

    The text description of the safety sign is used at the same time as the safety sign.If there is a supplementary sign,its position should be directly below the geometric figure of the safety sign.

    The straw baler safety signs shall be managed by a special person,and no one shall dismantle or destroy them without authorization.


    Establish a safety sign account,check according to regulations,and repair and replace damaged safety signs in time.

    Accident-prone areas or dangerous parts must have identification plates.

    Nick Machinery pays special attention to safety in production.Each machine will be affixed with eye-catching safety signs to remind everyone to do safety protection and ensure personal safety.

    For specific pictures,videos and technical parameters,please visit the,or call:86-29-86031588

  • Everyone knows waste paper balers,so do you know the parts standards of waste paper balers?

    1.It has a reliable operation function suitable for the operation requirements.Different waste paper balers and different waste paper balers have different specific requirements for parts.

    2.It should have a service life that is in harmony with other parts.The life span of parts is determined by factors such as strength,hardness,wear resistance,and corrosion resistance.For a waste paper baler,its life span depends on several critical parts.Therefore,when considering the lifespan of parts,the lifespan of critical parts should be used as the basis,and the lifespan of other parts shall not be less than the lifespan of critical parts. The fragile parts outside the waste paper baler are not included in this list.

    IMG_2996 拷贝.jpg

    The quality of the central parts of the waste paper balers is not good enough,which will cause the waste paper balers to become obsolete in advance.As long as the manufacturer of the waste paper balers with good reputation can meet the reasonable requirements of the waste paper balers and ensure reasonable waste paper packaging Nick Machinery is one of them.

    If you are interested or have questions about the waste paper baler,please visit our,or call:86-29-86031588

  • What are the common failure phenomena of the solenoid valve of the horizontal waste paper baler?

    1.No operation after the solenoid valve is energized.You can check whether the power wiring is in poor contact,and you can reconnect the wiring and the connector.See if the power supply voltage is in the normal range,and you can make relevant adjustments.

    Check to see if the coil is unsoldered,you can weld from the beginning.Whether the operating pressure difference is inappropriate,you can adjust it or replace the solenoid valve with an equivalent one.The viscosity of the liquid is too high and the frequency is too high.

    废纸1 拷贝.jpg

    2.The solenoid valve cannot be closed

    The seal of the main valve core or the iron core is damaged,and the seal can be replaced. If impurities enter the solenoid valve core or moving iron core,it can be cleaned. The life of the spring has reached or is deformed,this one must be replaced.

    The orifice balance hole is blocked,clean it in time.The operating frequency is too high or the life span has expired,please reorganize the product or update the product.

    If you find out the fault,you can repair it according to the method.If you have any questions or want to consult the waste paper baler,please visit the Nick Baler,or call: 86-29-86031588

  • The advantages of kitchen food waste disposers are now widely known,but because there are not many people who use them,the household waste baler is still a new type of thing.Many people do not pay attention to the operation essentials when using the domestic waste baler or even don’t know how to use it.Shorten the service life of the garbage disposer.

    Nick Machinery reminds you to pay attention to five points when using the machine.

    1.Before starting the machine,check whether all parts are flexible,intact,and have no noise.Fasteners are firm and reliable.All parts of the electrical appliance can be used after normal.

    2.Metal blocks,bottle caps,glass,ceramics,large pieces of hard bones,hard shells and other items that are not easy to handle are not allowed to be thrown in.

    3.Frequently check whether there is leakage or water leakage.


    4.After each treatment.There may be fragments of garbage in the garbage hopper.Use water to go down the middle.Do not use metal or hard rods to poke into the garbage hopper.

    5.After each treatment,if there is a small amount of vegetable residue in the sieve ring,it will not deteriorate,and the next treatment will not be affected.When throwing in harder garbage,the input should be dispersed.

    Nowadays,environmental protection has become a concern of everyone.The pollution of domestic garbage makes the domestic garbage baler come into being.

    The Nick brand household garbage baler automatically discharges the bales and is equipped with an emergency stop button.The location is eye-catching and the door is shut down,making the machine safer and more reliable.

    For more information about household garbage baler,contact 86-029-86031588 or

  • What do we choose the role of the hydraulic baler,what is the purpose of the choice,what is the use of the hydraulic baler for our daily work,and what help is it for us.

    These issues are issues that users must pay attention to and think about before choosing a hydraulic baler.

    The hydraulic baler is to save and pack some loose items,which is convenient for storage and transportation.After the baler Press process of the hydraulic baler,it can save space for you,improve the efficiency of work more effectively,and expand the storage space.

    IMG_4694 拷贝.jpg

    The choice of hydraulic baler is mainly to facilitate the operation of users and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

    According to your own needs,find suitable products,control costs,and find the most cost-effective hydraulic baler.

    In order to better ensure the quality of the hydraulic baler,Nick Machinery,while continuously improving its technology,must also ensure the firmness of the various components of the hydraulic baler,thereby improving the cost-effectiveness of the hydraulic baler.Nick Machinery is your best choice.,Tel:86-29-86031588

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