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  • Over the years, the rapid development of my country's economy has brought about rapid industrial growth. The market scale of metal shears has also expanded, and sales have risen rapidly, which undoubtedly brought huge profits to metal shear manufacturers.

    Due to the strong market demand and the short supply of products, the production scale of metal shears has been further expanded, and the industry prospects are bright. The following is a more detailed analysis:

    1. As the country pays more and more attention to environmental protection, energy-saving and environmentally friendly industries have gained opportunities for development, and the scrap steel recycling industry has undoubtedly been encouraged by the country. The metal shearing machine is an indispensable tool in the scrap steel recycling industry. It plays an important role in the cutting, dismantling and reorganization of scrap steel. It is highly flexible, easy to operate, and is loved by customers. It has a broader market. Therefore, the market demand for metal shears will continue to rise .

    2. my country's industrial level has reached a certain level. Old-fashioned equipment is not suitable for industrial production and market development. New equipment with advanced technology will undoubtedly occupy the market. The upgrading of equipment is unavoidable in any industry.

    3. Since ancient times, China has been a populous country with a large labor force and obvious advantages in labor costs. It has a great competitive advantage in the domestic and international markets. It is expected that my country's metal shears will still have bright market development prospects in the future.

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    As a well-known hydraulic machinery company, NICKBALER has always won the market with quality and service, and has achieved one-stop service from pre-sales to after-sales, so that customers can use it with more confidence and satisfaction.

  • Scrap metal is one of the main raw materials for steelmaking. It not only carries energy and saves energy, but is also green and environmentally friendly. However, the recycling of scrap metal has not been ideal for a long time.

    Most of the world's metals can be recycled in the form of recycled metals. The industrially developed areas have a large scale of recycled metals and a high recycling rate of recycled metals.

    Due to strong market demand, my country's non-ferrous metal industry has developed by leaps and bounds and has become the world's largest producer and consumer of non-ferrous metals. my country's recycled metal industry has a pivotal position in the development of the world's recycled metal industry.

    The NICKBALER metal shearing machine is made using scientific methods. The first thing is that the motor is controlled by a programmable controller according to our needs. The pressure, speed and stroke formed by it are all possible. Conditioning is carried out according to the needs of technology, and the operation can be completed well. It is the best choice for the recycling of steel and iron materials to cut scrap.

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    NICKBALER metal shears have the advantages of small size, light weight, low inertia, low noise, smooth movement, convenient operation, and large front cutting surface.

  • As we all know, metal shears can turn waste metal materials into metal blocks that can be recycled. In fact, there are many types of metal shears. Now the country has begun to advocate waste utilization and resource recycling. It happens to be metal shears. A machine that can turn waste into treasure, it can reuse scrap steel, scrap steel, etc., which can save national resources and call for national policies accordingly.

    Today, I will explain to you the characteristics of the metal shearing machine. The metal shearing machine is very simple to use. It only needs a brief training to get started, and it can also realize automatic operation, which is convenient and simple.

    The metal shearing machine is also very safe to use. The machine will not shake when it is in operation. It is very stable and has a long service life. The metal baler is very environmentally friendly because it uses a diesel engine and can also be operated by electricity.

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    The metal shearing machine produced by NICKBALER has excellent workmanship and strong technology. It is an excellent choice for your hydraulic shearing equipment manufacturer.

  • Looking at the current development of the waste paper baler industry, it is not difficult to find that the entire industry has the characteristics of low industrial concentration, low equipment value-added, low technology content, low price, and high energy consumption. Transformation and upgrading will be waste paper for a long time in the future. The problems that the Baler industry needs to face.

    In this regard, our majority of waste paper baler manufacturers must enhance the initiative and creativity of transformation and upgrading, grasp the main direction and breakthrough of transformation and upgrading, and work for a long time, so as to effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of waste paper baler industry.

    As a member of the baler industry, NICKBALER has always worked hard on the quality of the baler equipment, regards the quality of the baler equipment as our life, and puts quality supervision throughout the production, research and development, and processing of waste paper balers to achieve after-sales The service work is all-round, all-process, and all-weather.

    NICKBALER uses various effective methods to ensure that the waste paper baler equipment delivered to our customers is the best, so that customers can feel the temperature of our manufacturer's equipment and the warmth of service.

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    NICKBALER keeps abreast of market development trends, continuously improves technical capabilities, enhances innovation capabilities, and strives to introduce more Baler equipment that meets social needs.

  • The choice of gantry shears is skillful. Only by choosing the right equipment can the production be better completed. So how to choose gantry shears? Let me teach you a few tricks below.

    1. Gantry shears are divided into automatic and manual. Manual equipment is cheaper, but automatic equipment has higher work efficiency and processing quality, which can reduce labor costs, so automatic gantry shears are more popular.

    2. Choose equipment with wide applicability. The gantry shears have to deal with various materials. When choosing a gantry, you should see whether the equipment is suitable for processing various different metals. If the applicability is wider, it will be more used. convenient.

    3. Choose equipment of big brand, gantry scissors should choose high quality, and the quality of big brand products will not be bad, you don’t have to worry about quality and service if you choose such products, if you choose equipment from unknown manufacturers for cheap, then Various problems are likely to occur in the use of the equipment, and it is troublesome to deal with them.


    Since its establishment, NICKBALER has focused on the production and research and development of hydraulic machinery and equipment, and has actively developed low-cost, high-efficiency, and new products that meet customer needs.

  • According to the data, the waste paper baler in the hydraulic market is mainly divided into two types, horizontal and vertical. The volume of the vertical waste paper baler is relatively small, because the packaged products are also relatively small, so the work efficiency is not The opposite is the horizontal waste paper baler. Its volume is relatively large. Relatively speaking, the number of products produced at the same time is relatively large, and the efficiency is high. Another advantage of it is that it is very convenient to operate.

    In recent years, the number of users buying horizontal waste paper balers has increased rapidly. High-quality horizontal waste paper balers are especially popular. In addition to the support of my country’s policies, this is also closely related to the gradual maturity of my country’s overall biomass energy utilization technology. Related.

    The horizontal waste paper baler has been well used, so there is a good market demand. The market demand has driven the market for the horizontal waste paper baler. For users who purchase the horizontal waste paper baler, the quality This is the most concerned issue for users. Therefore, only by producing high-quality horizontal waste paper balers can manufacturers better occupy the market.

    With the development and popularization of the Internet, people's buying habits have undergone certain changes. When buying something, they will check it online, such as buying horizontal waste paper packaging opportunities to find some company information on the Internet. In response to this situation, many companies have begun to promote online, and online promotion is familiar to everyone. It is a kind of publicity and promotion activities carried out mainly through various means of the Internet to increase the popularity of their products.

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    NICKBALER keeps abreast of market development trends, continuously improves technical capabilities, and enhances innovation capabilities to meet the needs of the ever-changing market.


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