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  • The price of the straw baler determines its quality. When buying a straw baler, the price is often the focus. The price of the straw baler determines the quality of the product purchased. Few people pay attention to the quality, especially the mechanical aspect. They think that they are all the same. Why is your home so expensive? But the price of the straw balers often indirectly reflects the quality of the straw balers. In fact, in the market because of the richness of product categories, consumers have some obstacles when choosing the products they want. At the beginning, when consumers choose products, the first thing they need to understand is the price issue, but now It’s just that price alone cannot dominate the product you want to choose. Just like for a straw baler, price cannot be the only condition for choosing it. We must pay more attention to its performance, quality, efficiency and creation. Although there are many types of straw balers, the price, quality, performance and production efficiency are all directly related. According to different consumer groups, the price of the product must be within its own budget, beyond or beyond These people may not be able to bear it beyond a lot, so it is not easy to find high-quality and low-cost products. The product is no longer just looking at the price, and the quality and production capacity must be understood.

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    The use of Nick Machinery straw baler can greatly reduce the storage area, improve the transportation capacity and reduce the possibility of fire. Feel free to contact us at 86-29-86031588 or

  • What are the protection needs of hydraulic baler

    The use of equipment requires protection, and the hydraulic baler is no exception. As far as the hydraulic baler is concerned, the protection operation is mainly composed of three parts: 1. Daily protection. 2. Professional protection. The following is a detailed introduction to these two kinds of protection tasks which need to be done in detail.

    The daily protection is mainly carried out by the operator of the hydraulic baler, checking before the shift and cleaning after the shift to ensure that the mechanical and electrical equipment is in an outstanding technical condition. Timed protection is also called first-level maintenance, which is carried out by the mechanical protection division of the operating unit and assisted by repair personnel. It is similar to a minor repair, and the protection period varies with different electromechanical equipment. The content includes disassembly inspection of maintenance parts and key parts; cleaning and dredging of oil circuit and smooth system; adjustment and inspection of the gaps of various parts; fastening of various components and parts; maintenance and repair of electrical components, etc.

    Professional protection is justified by professional personnel. Generally, it is carried out by professional and skilled personnel from the manufacturer or seller of the machine. The work they carry out is more professional. Generally, the core components of the machine should be carried out on a large scale. Inspection and maintenance together should promptly discover potential faults and solve them in time to prevent users from appearing faults in the process of use and delaying production.

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    Nick Machinery is determined to provide high-quality fully automatic horizontal baler products for the majority of demand groups.

  • This series of equipment is classified into two types: vertical type and horizontal type.


    This series of equipment is mainly composed of the following components:

    ①Main machine: It is composed of frame, main hydraulic cylinder, pusher hydraulic cylinder, bottom hydraulic cylinder, matching mold frame and mold, and indenter number.

    The frame part is composed of upper and lower beams and uprights. The upper and lower beams are all made of all cast steel parts. The upper and lower beams are connected by inner and outer nuts with four columns to withstand the tension during operation.

    The main hydraulic cylinder eliminates steel castings and eliminates safety hazards. Ensure the service life and operational safety of the equipment. Supporting mold frames and molds, the top number of indenters, through professional planning, cooperation, and superior processing capabilities are the guarantee for an outstanding taste of the equipment.

    ②Hydraulic station: It is composed of motor, hydraulic pump, pump protection device, professional control valve block and piping system for connecting briquetting machine. The planning is reasonable and the quality is stable. Equipped with a cooling system to prevent the equipment from being unable to operate continuously due to overheating of the oil.

    ③Console: It is composed of electrical system and plc control system.

    Equipped with an adjustable text display, the sequence of actions and each action moment are completely controlled by the PLC system, and can be adjusted by the operator at any time, which is convenient and quick, simple and easy to understand.


    Nick Machinery's metal baler is mainly suitable for steel mills, recycling and processing industries and non-ferrous and ferrous metal smelting industries. Contact consultation telephone 86-29-86031588

  • The bagging machine can be applied to corn stalks, wheat stalks, straw, cotton, wool, waste paper, waste paper boxes, waste cardboard, yarn, tobacco, plastics, cloth, woven bags, knitted velvet, hemp, sack, Tops, wool balls, cocoons, silk, hops, wheat wood, grass, waste plastic bags and other light foamed and loose materials, waste paper mills, waste recycling companies and other units and enterprises, are suitable for packaging waste paper, plastic straws, etc. Recycling is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs. It generally has two models, the attributes are as follows:

    The bagging baler can press silage straw, dried corn stalks, various straw scraps, waste plastic film, etc., for bundling, but automatically bagging and packaging.

    Due to the wear of the parts of the straw baler in use, poor lubrication of the vertical straw bagging baler manufacturer will cause damage to the parts, which may increase the occurrence of failures and accidents. Therefore, it is very important to find and eliminate the failures quickly. You won't turn to the manufacturer for a little fault, thus gaining precious time and money.

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    The bagging balers  pack them with packaging tapes to greatly reduce the volume, so as to reduce the transportation volume, save the freight, and increase the benefits for the enterprise.

  • For newly joined environmentalists, it is a difficult problem to choose what kind of hydraulic baler is more in line with their actual needs.

    As a professional manufacturer of hydraulic balers, the technical experts of Nick Machinery will personally explain the selection principles and advantages of equipment for you, so that more waste recycling stations can use more suitable equipment.

    From the appearance of hydraulic baler, there are vertical equipment and horizontal equipment, and there are also automatic equipment with conveyor belts and equipment without conveyor belts.

    Customers can choose these two types of equipment from the size of their processing capacity. If you only have one to two tons, you can choose a vertical hydraulic baler with manual feeding. If you need to process dozens of tons or hundreds of tons of waste every day Paper or waste plastic bottles, etc., then you need to choose a more automated horizontal hydraulic baler to work. This not only improves work efficiency, but also packs the bales more convenient to load, and saves manpower and labor intensity.

    If it is divided from the work application industry, it can be divided into waste paper hydraulic baler, scrap iron hydraulic baler and straw hydraulic baler, etc., mainly for the processed raw materials, which is also the mainstream method of distinction on the market.

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    Nick Machinery for one-stop purchase. Not only can there be conventional equipment for market demand, but also customized according to customer needs, to help customers solve more production problems !

  • Beverage bottle balers are more common in the field at this stage, and demand has continued to increase. Beverage bottle balers, a new type of industry, quickly occupy the key machinery manufacturing industry in my country’s beverage bottles at this stage. The horizontal manufacturing is produced by everyone. The automatic beverage bottle packaging machine has beautiful appearance design, easy maintenance in actual operation, and high safety performance. The automatic beverage bottle packaging machine has excellent reliability at this stage and has been widely used in beverage bottle factories and waste recycling enterprises. And other corporate companies.

    The packaging categories of beverage bottle Balers are mainly waste glass bottles, beverage bottles, waste cloth, waste plastic film, waste plastic foam and wood. Among them, waste cotton and hemp textile product packaging products can be made of high-quality plastic; wood can be multiplexed according to its quality, even if it is not purchased, because its basic composition of methyl cellulose is easy to rot, dissolve and be digested by the soil layer Absorption, there will be no residues, and it is not easy to cause adverse effects on the natural environment.

    Other packaging wastes generally have a negative impact on the natural environment. Some of them have excellent reliability and are difficult to dissolve in nature, and over time they become the most critical waste on the earth. With the rapid development of plastic packaging products, the inability to adopt strong countermeasures for waste management methods, emergency disposal and reuse is also the key reason for this situation.

    Use the beverage bottle balers to pack the waste products, especially plastics that can be purchased and used to save flowers, plants and trees... In the hydraulic transmission system of the beverage bottle balers, the working pressure of the fluid liquid damages the output power of the system, Leakage and working characteristics have a negative impact, but we only need to consider it in the design and installation of the pipeline, so that it can be completely manipulated within a smaller range of marked values.

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    Since its establishment, Nick Machinery has developed into a production expert in the production of hydraulic machinery and equipment after years of hard work, pioneering and enterprising.

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