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  • 1. The switching power supply is connected incorrectly. Generally speaking, if there is noise in the new equipment, most of them will be caused by the wrong wire connection. If the wire is wrong, the motor will be turned over, and the noise will be quite large. The customer only needs to replace any two wires in the switching power supply.

    2. Grinding chain cover of transmission chain. The waste paper baler will often deform the chain cover due to an accidental impact of the hanging object during transportation or application. Once the deformation occurs, the transmission chain will wear the chain cover, which will also cause a certain amount of noise.

    3. Common motor faults.


    When the small horizontal waste paper box baler is not used, be sure to unplug the power plug from the power socket. The switching power supply was cut off to prevent electric shock or fire accident caused by power failure. When the heating plate is at a very high temperature, do not put flammable objects around the back of the device, there is a risk of fire accident. Please be sure to carry out actual operations in accordance with regulations.

    Shaanxi Nick machinery equipment can supply many kinds of baler machine 

    Waste paper baler machine ,plastic baling machine ,metal press ,sawdust bagging machine ,rice husk baler machine ,rag bagging machine ,tire baler machine ,used cloth baling machine ,and many kind of strapping machine ,compactor ,baling press machine as so on . 

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  • Waste paper baler is an electromechanical product, which is mainly composed of mechanical system, control system, feeding system and power system. The entire packing process consists of auxiliary times such as pressing, returning, picking up, transfer, outbound, and outbound.

    Here's how to improve the performance of horizontal waste paper baler

    1. Improve the entire floor area of the waste paper baler to achieve the smallest possible area and the largest compressive force.

    2. Adopt the new rapid supercharging technology to realize rapid supercharging and improve the working efficiency of the hydraulic system.

    3. For customers to maintain and maintain the hydraulic system of the hydraulic waste paper baler in a timely manner, especially to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil, to prevent the life and reliability of the hydraulic system caused by dirt, and affect the system, and timely adjust it to avoid Cause loss.

    4. To improve the pressure loss of the internal flow channel, high-quality hydraulic components and integrated circuit and flow channel casting should be used to reduce the pressure loss of the pipeline and also reduce oil leakage.

    5. Reduce the damage of the internal pressure of the component system of the hydraulic waste paper baler and reduce the loss of power.

  • Regular inspection of oil quality

    Oil performance can be selected according to specific needs, but the oil must be strictly controlled without dirt and clean. When refueling, it must be filtered to prevent the intrusion of dust and fiber debris. Check the oil level frequently. The new machine must clean the hydraulic oil tank, the magnetic rod in the oil return filter and the magnetic cup of the servo circuit filter, and clear the hydraulic cooling. Dust accumulator, replace the filter element. Regular inspection of oil quality includes the following three aspects:

    (1) The degree of oxidation of hydraulic oil. During the use of hydraulic oil, due to temperature changes, the effects of oxygen and sunlight in the air will gradually be oxidized to change its viscosity and other properties. The degree of oxidation is usually judged by the color and odor of the hydraulic oil. If the hydraulic oil is dark brown in color and has a foul odor, it has been oxidized. The darker the brown and the stronger the malodor, the stronger the degree of oxidation. At this time, new oil should be replaced.

    (2) Extent of water content in hydraulic oil. If water is mixed into the hydraulic oil, its lubricating performance will be reduced and the metal will be corroded. Judging the degree of water in the hydraulic oil is usually based on the change of its color and odor. For example, if the color of the hydraulic oil is milky white and the odor does not change, it means that too much water is mixed. If there is a sound on the board, it means that it contains water. Replace with new oil.

    (3) When impurities are contained in the hydraulic oil. After working for a period of time, take a few drops of hydraulic oil and put it on your hand, twist it with your fingers, check whether there are metal particles, or observe whether there are tiny flash points in the sun. If there are more metal particles or flash points, the hydraulic oil contains more mechanical impurities. At this time, the hydraulic oil should be replaced, or the hydraulic oil should be discharged, and the sedimentation should be performed for not less than 42h, and then filtered and used.

  • 1) Set the target cleanliness level

    Manufacturing gaps in hydraulic components can be divided into two basic ranges, namely a minimum of 5 μm for high-pressure components and a maximum of 25 μm for lower pressure components. The actual working gap of a component is determined by the type of component and the conditions of the working process it undergoes. These gaps help determine the required fluid cleanliness of the component. According to the engineering data and field experience, you can refer to the relevant design manuals and select the recommended pollution level for the pump, motor, directional valve, pressure control valve, and flow control valve.

    The hydraulic system should clearly indicate the target cleanliness level in its engineering documents. Various factors affecting the system should be considered including oil, operating temperature and starting temperature, temporary load rate, service life of the components required by the system, and safety issues. To set this goal. Because the actual cleanliness level of the oil varies with the sampling point (ie, tank, pressure pipe, return pipe, etc.) in the system, unless otherwise stated, the target cleanliness level is assumed to be for the return pipe and the return pipe upstream of the filter And set.

    2) Shut off well

    The most critical time for the life of the hydraulic system or lubrication system is the initial running-in period. During this time, the components produced many debris and were mixed with debris during the assembly process, being washed by the oil through the system. While the system is running at no load, this contaminant is quickly captured and removed from the system. The rinsing process has three steps. First, the pollutants are driven out of the den and transported to the filter; second, the machine is operated to allow the oil to flow through all the pipes and components; third, the high-efficiency filter is used to capture the pollution. Driving out and transporting contaminants is best accomplished by using low viscosity fluids that flow at high speeds. Special flushing fluids can be used or system hydraulic fluids can be used at high temperatures. In order to flow through all lines, all valves should be operated several times. In some cases, the element connection line must be bypassed in order to allow a large flow of oil to flow through the line. The debris is captured fairly quickly and the system is flushed to the required degree of contamination. The target cleanliness level for washing should be two ISO codes lower than the target cleanliness level for system operation. When new oil is introduced into a properly flushed system, it will take less time to reach system equilibrium.

  • We need to know what the material need to be pressed first when you need us support you to choose a baler, our fully automatic horizontal baler can work on below materials, we need to design baler for you on different material because different force is required on different material and the density is also varied by materials

    This baling press machine is suitable for baling press for waste paper, waste cotton, waste bags and scrap, waste plastic film, and forage grass. It reduces volume and make them easy to stock and transportation.

    1.Open structure,the use of easy and fast,improve the work efficiency.

    2.The three closing anti pull througn the cylinder,automatic tightening and relaxtaion.

    3.PLC program, touch screen control, simple operation, with feeding detection, automatic compression, and achieve unmanned operations.

    4.Automatic strapping device, unique speed, simple structure, stable operation, low failure rate and easy cleaning and maintenance.

    5.Equipped with starting motor and booster motor, save energy, save energy, save cost.

    6.Automatic fault diagnosis, automatic display, improve detection efficiency.

    7.Can freely set the length of the package, accurate record of the package value.

    8.The unique concave multi - point cutter design, improves the cutting efficiency and prolongs the service life of the cutter.

    9.Use German hydraulic technology, more energy saving and environmental protection.

    10.Use of classification welding process, ensure the equipment is more stable and reliable

  • 1.Q: How to Choose proper Products ?

        A:  Please tell us as detail as what you want?

         What’s your raw material it is?

         What’s the final products you want to produce?

         What capacity you want it performance?

    2. Q: How to Control the quality?

       A:  We have technical, engineer team design the sample machinery

          before enter into market Production QC team ensure the machine

          manufacturing quality.We will running every machine after finished

          before shipment.Optional choose by client running the machinery by


    3. Q: What is the payment term?

    A:Payment:  30% advance payment by T/T, 70% paid by T/T against

        copy of B/L after shippment  Shipment.

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