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Straw baler safety sign
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The straw baler safety signs must be reasonably eye-catching,so that employees can be vigilant and aware,so as to achieve the purpose of prevention.

All substances and places that can pose a threat to the human body must have safety signs.

The text description of the safety sign is used at the same time as the safety sign.If there is a supplementary sign,its position should be directly below the geometric figure of the safety sign.

The straw baler safety signs shall be managed by a special person,and no one shall dismantle or destroy them without authorization.


Establish a safety sign account,check according to regulations,and repair and replace damaged safety signs in time.

Accident-prone areas or dangerous parts must have identification plates.

Nick Machinery pays special attention to safety in production.Each machine will be affixed with eye-catching safety signs to remind everyone to do safety protection and ensure personal safety.

For specific pictures,videos and technical parameters,please visit the,or call:86-29-86031588

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