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  • Myanmar waste paper baler hydraulic cylinder

    The hydraulic cylinder is the executive element of the hydraulic drive of the waste paper baler. It is directly related to the working mechanism of the main machine. According to the different mechanical equipment and its working mechanism, the hydraulic cylinder has different uses and work requirements. Therefore, before the hydraulic cylinder design, it must be Analyze the working conditions of the entire hydraulic system.

    The main content and steps of hydraulic cylinder design for waste paper baler are as follows:

    1) Select the type of hydraulic cylinder and the structure of each part.

    2) Determine the working parameters and structural dimensions of the hydraulic cylinder.

    3) Calculation and verification of structural strength and rigidity.

    4) The design of guiding, sealing, dustproof and other devices.

    5) Draw assembly drawings and component drawings.

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    The design of the NICKBALER waste paper baler is practical and beautiful. The key components are well-known products at home and abroad, and it has the characteristics of fast speed and high precision.

  • Straw baler wear solutions

    The straw baler is a large-scale machine. This kind of machine has a relatively long use time, and it will inevitably show wear and tear during long-term use.

    After the straw baler is worn out, its operation will be more or less affected, and it will also bring certain losses to the enterprise. Therefore, the straw baler should be dealt with in time after it is worn out to make it work normally produce.

    When the straw baler is in use, its temperature will continue to rise. Once it stops working, the parts of the baler will cool, and the volume of the connected parts will also control each other's internal force changes.

    When the straw baler is in use, it is found that the parts are deformed. It must be repaired to change the deformation of the parts. When it is used again, you must be careful.

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    Now the application range of straw baler is very wide. We need to know more about the characteristics and application methods of straw baler, so as to ensure the normal use of straw baler, and relatively reduce the chance of the baler showing defects.

  • Routine maintenance of straw balers

    The straw baler is used for boring compression and baling of corn stalks, wheat stalks, straw, sorghum stalks, etc. It has the characteristics of simple use, convenient operation, high work efficiency, compact bundling density, and good air permeability.

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    Daily maintenance and maintenance of straw hydraulic baler:

    1. Check whether the power supply is connected well, and whether there is a false knot;

    2. Whether the connecting bolts of each part of the equipment are tight;

    3. Whether there is abnormal oil seepage between the hydraulic pipelines;

    4. The machine needs to be clean and tidy after the work is completed.

  • Aaste paper baler test machine before leaving factory

    In the test machine of the hydraulic waste paper baler equipment, the no-load test machine is a necessary process. This is a link in testing the quality of the manufacturer, and it is also a guarantee work for the customer to carry out the production.

    Today, we will introduce in detail the purpose of the no-load test machine of the hydraulic waste paper baler and the several links to be paid attention to. Through those indicators, we can judge whether the equipment is working normally:

    1. Oil pump

    The oil pump is the power source for the pressure of the waste paper baler. During the no-load test machine, check whether the pressure of the oil pump is too high during unloading, whether the sound is normal, and whether the liquid level in the fuel tank indicates bubbles that inhale air, etc.

    2. Relief valve

    The second indicator to check is the working state of the overflow valve of the hydraulic waste paper baler. If there is no abnormal phenomenon during the adjustment of the relief valve, let the oil cylinder perform multiple reciprocating motions or the oil motor rotating motion without load to remove the gas in the system. Secondly, check whether the safety valve, pressure relay, etc. work reliably. Observe through the pressure gauge. System pressure, and adjust the pressure value of the safety valve to make it within the specified range.

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    3. Hydraulic oil

    The third indicator is to check the temperature of the hydraulic oil. When the waste paper baler is tested for a period of time without load, check whether the temperature of the hydraulic oil is normal.

    The above are the main inspection objects of the hydraulic waste paper baler during the no-load test run. However, you should not only check these items, but also pay attention to the other working conditions of the entire equipment, and whether the various components are working properly to ensure that they are put into production. Normal work before operation.

  • Model differentiation of waste paper baler

    When distinguishing different horizontal waste paper baler models, they are generally classified according to the size of the pressure, and they can also be classified according to the vertical and horizontal types, and the pressure classification is added at the same time.

    1. According to the pressure of the horizontal waste paper baler, the small waste paper baler produced by the manufacturer has a pressure of 10 tons, and one of them is composed of an oil cylinder, which corresponds to different pressure equipment such as 20 tons and 30 tons. The pressure of the type waste paper baler is greater, ranging from 80 tons to 200 tons.

    2. Judging by the production capacity, the output of small waste paper balers and each type of waste paper baler is different, ranging from 80-500kg per pack. The greater the output per hour, the greater the pressure.

    3. Judging according to the cylinder diameter, the larger the cylinder diameter of the general waste paper baler, the greater the pressure, and the cylinder combination and configuration are different according to different applicable objects.

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    The above is for you to introduce the distinction between different horizontal waste paper baler models. I hope to help you. If you have any questions about horizontal waste paper baler and vertical waste paper baler, please feel free to consult us and contact us. Tel86-29-86031588

  • Nepalese waste paper baler selection

    To invest in waste paper Baler stations, you must purchase waste paper baler equipment. According to today's waste paper market, horizontal waste paper balers are the most used.

    In the face of many manufacturers and sellers in the market, how to purchase the most cost-effective and qualified products is the key to the profitability of the waste paper Baler station in the later period.

    1. It is recommended to directly choose the manufacturer to purchase the waste paper baler, the price will be low, and after-sales protection is guaranteed.

    2. You can go to the waste paper baler manufacturer for inspection to further determine the manufacturer's strength and product quality. The main inspections are: the manufacturer's workshop, the user's use site, after-sales and other related matters.

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    3. After confirming the purchase, you need to sign a product purchase and sale contract with the manufacturer. The contract needs to clearly specify the product model, price and detailed configuration list.

  • Composition of Myanmar metal shearing machine

    Metal shears have been popularized throughout the metal recycling industry and steel companies. It can be said that where there is scrap steel, there are metal shears, which shows how important metal shears are.

    The metal shearing machine is mainly composed of mechanical system, electrical control system, hydraulic control system, etc., which are connected and controlled by hydraulic pipelines and electrical circuits.

    The mechanical system is composed of a machine base, a tool rest, a pressure plate, a hydraulic cylinder and other auxiliary parts.

    The cylinder body of the metal shearing machine cylinder adopts two half-pins installed in the shearing cylinder support sleeve on the frame. The head of the piston rod is connected with the tool holder by the pin. When the pressure oil enters the cylinder, it acts on the piston. The piston rod makes a reciprocating linear motion in the cylinder, driving the tool post to complete the shearing and shearing return movement around the tool post axis.

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    NICKBALER specializes in the production of hydraulic machinery such as metal shears, gantry shears, automatic and semi-automatic balers, and can be customized according to the actual requirements of customers.

  • Working efficiency of Thai metal shearing machine

    The metal shearing machine is used to cut scrap metal of various cross-sectional shapes into a certain specification of qualified charge or process a certain specification of metal products to improve work efficiency and save a lot of labor costs.

    Effectively improving the cutting efficiency of metal shears must be what every user expects. So, what are the methods to effectively improve the cutting efficiency of metal shears?

    1. There is a hydraulic system in the metal shearing machine, and the amount of oil in the system should be stable, not too much or too little.

    2. Servo control can be used, which is the control of backgauge positioning, to improve the working efficiency of the metal shearing machine.

    3. The mechanical parts of metal shears should be checked frequently to ensure that they can be used normally. Once any problems are found, they should be dealt with immediately without delay.

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    NICKBALER metal shearing machine has the advantages of smooth movement, convenient operation, sensitivity, large cutting section, and convenient adjustment of the scissors mouth.


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