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  • Where is the price of stainless steel baler

    The price of stainless steel baler can be divided into semi-active stainless steel baler price, active stainless steel baler price and stainless steel baler price according to its degree of automation, but no matter what kind of stainless steel baler price, the price on the market is uneven. Not only are the prices of different types of products different, even similar products have large price fluctuations. Why is this?

    On the surface, the appearance of the price of the stainless steel baler is the same as the operating process, and there is no big difference, but the price has such a large distance. The reason must be that the time and time of the machine is different, the most common The main manifestations are as follows:

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    1. Different raw materials. The difference in raw materials is mainly manifested in two aspects. One is the different types of raw materials, such as carbon steel and stainless steel. The second is the difference in sheet thickness. The difference of the former is clear, so it is not easy to have misunderstandings, while the latter is often a place that attracts users. Especially with regard to products such as semi-active stainless steel baler prices, this type of product itself is not highly automated, and the value of the completed work is not that large, so the manufacturer does not want to invest too much in it, so it is done in the sheet These articles, in order to reduce the production cost, so that a price war can be carried out in the market of stainless steel baler prices.

    2. Different equipment. The equipment here not only refers to electrical equipment, but also includes some commonly used vulnerable accessories. Regarding a piece of equipment, both the bottom-end equipment and the high-end equipment can be used normally, but the difference between the high-end and the bottom-end is the failure rate in the later use process. It is undeniable that the high-end equipment is used in the later period. Better function and lower failure rate in the process. Of course, the price of high-end equipment will be higher.

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    3. Different services. With the globalization of the economy, when people buy products, in addition to paying attention to the quality of the product itself, the focus on service cannot be ignored. The reason why many companies cannot go on, 80% is because the service cannot keep up. Having lost the trust of customers, there is no exception for manufacturers of stainless steel baler prices. As a sales editor, I often hear complaints from customers: The company’s service is too poor, no one pays attention to repairs for many days, and the price of accessories is ridiculously high... I really hear too many things like this. It can be seen that service is also very important for products. Of course, service is successful, and this achievement will naturally be reflected in the price of the product.

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    Nick Baler is committed to the production of balers, with a complete range of features, such as reasonable design, beautiful models, convenient operation, and accurate accuracy. In the future, it will continue to research and innovate to better serve consumers and make consumers more assured.

  • Adjustment of cylinder stroke of waste plastic baler

    The waste plastic baler is a special product in the baler. It is a device that can automatically bundle the product after it is compressed. However, the cylinder can run from a certain height to a certain height when the items are bundled. Yes, this interval is called the cylinder stroke, so when customers have different product requirements for compact packaging, how should the cylinder stroke be adjusted?

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    The adjustment of the cylinder stroke should start from the structure of the cylinder, which is composed of a cylinder, an optical shaft, a solenoid valve, and a limit switch. Stainless steel baler This machine is used to knead stainless steel and similar products under normal conditions, and pack them into special packaging belts to greatly reduce the volume, and then achieve the purpose of reducing shipping volume, saving freight, and adding benefits to enterprises. The stroke of the cylinder is basically completed by the cooperation of these components. The optical axis is fixed on the outside of the cylinder, and the limit switch is fixed on the optical axis. When the customer needs to adjust the stroke of the cylinder, the corresponding limit switch is adjusted. When the cylinder runs to the position of the corresponding limit switch, it will stop. This position is the cylinder stroke direction set by the user.

    IMG_20190813_152316 拷贝.jpg

    The above is the conditioning process of the cylinder stroke of the waste plastic baler. This process is only applicable to the waste plastic baler. Since the full-active baler and semi-active baler do not have a cylinder, there is no need to adjust the cylinder.

    The stainless steel baler is used to knead and sturdy stainless steel and similar products under normal conditions, and package them with special packaging belts to greatly reduce the volume, and then achieve the purpose of reducing the shipping volume, saving freight, and adding benefits to the enterprise. The introduction of advanced technology and advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad.

    Nick Baler is committed to the production of balers, with a complete range of features, such as reasonable design, beautiful models, convenient operation, and accurate accuracy. In the future, it will continue to research and innovate to better serve consumers and make consumers more assured.for more information ,please visit 

  • Why are Agricultural straw balers used more and more widely?

    With the widespread use of automated packaging, the application of baler products has now penetrated into the company’s production process, and the subsequent use of Agricultural straw balers has become more and more widespread. Perhaps many people did not go too far. I have paid attention to it, but it does exist. People's days are more and more overlapped with Agricultural straw balers, and our lives are increasingly inseparable from packaging materials such as Agricultural straw balers.

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    If there is a shopping mall, more and more people will compete. The machine-used Agricultural straw baler is a big piece of cake, and more and more people are sharing. The peers will dig customers, and even some laymen will dig in by the distribution. This is not only The price or quality is higher. The machine-use Agricultural straw balers are sold for sales. Generally, the amount used by the company can't add up to the price of a certain accessory once a year, so many customers don't care about that little money. So what do you mind?

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    There is a saying: buying products is actually more about buying services. Waste paper baler This machine is used to knead waste paper and similar products robustly under normal conditions, and package them with special packaging tapes to greatly reduce the volume, and then reach the goal of reducing transportation volume, saving freight, and adding benefits to enterprises intention. Our company is committed to the production of balers, with a complete range of features such as reasonable design, beautiful models, convenient operation, and accurate accuracy. In the future, we will continue to research and innovate to better serve consumers and make consumers more assured.for further information ,please visit 

  • Low failure rate waste paper baling machine

    The price of the waste paper baler adopts advanced hydraulic transmission technology, uses high-quality wear-resistant oil seals, and the cylinder is processed and assembled by the latest domestic high-tech technology, and then ensures that the pressure of the cylinder is not weakened during consecutive work, durable and stable; computer controlled, high degree of automation , Low failure rate, simple protection, etc. Of course, the company attaches great importance to making production more efficient, so that it can effectively supply this big market. Advanced technical equipment is the support. In order to transform a product from a raw material into a product, not only production equipment is required, but also packaging equipment. Packing belt The price of waste paper packing machine is better in terms of skills, which greatly improves the packaging speed of products and ensures the quality and safety of products.

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    The high efficiency and speed of production and the convenience of equipment operation and control make the price of waste paper balers very popular. Not only does it bring convenience to the production, but it also supplies this huge demand market, and the quality of the packaged products meets the standard, which is more popular. Promoting consumption, driving the advancement of shopping malls and the development of society.

    Nick Baler is committed to the production of balers, with a complete range of features, such as reasonable design, beautiful models, convenient operation, and accurate accuracy. In the future, it will continue to research and innovate to better serve consumers and make consumers more assured.

  • waste recycling station Waste plastic beverage bottle Baler machine

    market expectation:

    NIck Baler Engaging in the compression and reuse of waste plastics has broad prospects to benefit the country and the people. The influence of recycled plastics is huge. With the implementation of various policies and measures, the impact of recycled plastics on the environment has been gradually brought to the fore. In its own right, recycled plastic is a reuse of plastic products, which avoids the damage of plastic products to the environment, protects the environment and solves the employment problem of idle personnel. The industry has a very broad prospect for development.

    IMG_20190813_152316 拷贝.jpg

    Select equipment:

    In the process of compressing and packaging waste plastics and reusing waste plastics, it is very important to choose a suitable and durable waste plastic baler and waste plastic compression equipment. Workers must sharpen their tools if they want to do their best. Good durable equipment can bring stable production and timely shipments to ensure normal production and sales. Choosing Shaanxi Nick NKW series waste plastic compression baler and vertical waste plastic compression baler is just right for some customers who are not sufficiently funded.

  • Hydraulic Machines Manufacturer

    The common faults of hydraulic baler are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

    1. No vacuum. If the hydraulic baler used for the first time is not vacuumed, there is a high possibility that the electrical connection is reversed, and the vacuum pump is reversed, which makes it impossible to vacuum. If the vacuum is suddenly not used after a period of time, it may be caused by a vacuum pump failure or a circuit board failure. There is also a possibility that the vacuum chamber is deformed and the upper cover of the vacuum machine cannot be fully pulled in, causing a vacuum failure. appear.  


    2. Not sealed. If the hydraulic baler is not sealed, first check whether the bag has any signs of being burnt. If there is, it means that the heating temperature is not enough. You only need to adjust the heating temperature. If there is no trace of ironing on the bag, it means that the heating bar has no temperature at all. This may be caused by two situations, one is that the heating bar is broken or burned, and the other is the heating transformer. Users only need to check step by step to solve.    

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    3. The sealing is uneven. The uneven sealing of the bag is generally manifested as wrinkles at the sealing and no obvious patterns at the sealing. The wrinkle at the seal is mainly caused by the bag being too short. Generally speaking, the length of the vacuum packaging bag should be 3-4cm longer than the package, so as to fully guarantee the packaging process.For more information ,please visit : or

  • Solutions to performance failures of plastic bottle baling machines

     Speaking of plastic bottle baling machines, many of our friends are no strangers. The economic development and technological advancement have played a leading role in the development of the performance of plastic bottle baling machines. Plastic bottle packing machine is an electromechanical integration product, mainly composed of mechanical system, control system, feeding system and power system. The whole packaging process is composed of auxiliary time such as pressing, returning, lifting, transferring, ascending, ascending, and receiving. Plastic bottle packing machine This product has the characteristics of good rigidity and stability, beautiful appearance, easy operation and maintenance, safety and energy saving, low investment cost of equipment basic engineering and so on. It is widely used in various types of waste paper mills, old waste recycling companies and other unit enterprises. It is suitable for packaging and recycling of old waste paper and plastic straws. It is a good equipment for improving labor efficiency, reducing labor intensity, saving manpower, and reducing transportation costs. The plastic bottle baling machine squeezes waste paper and similar products under normal conditions and packs them with special packaging tapes, which greatly reduces the volume, thereby reducing the transportation volume, saving freight, and increasing the benefits for enterprises. Introduced advanced technology and advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad.


           We have summed up our experience for many years to tell you that we can solve some problems by ourselves, such as imperfect accessories and cutter head problems. Let's take a look at these simple questions. First, check whether the photocell of the plastic bottle baling machine device is complete, whether the reflector is aligned, and whether there is dust on it. If there is no alignment, it should be aligned in the correct position immediately To remove the dust above. It is also necessary to check whether the screws and nuts of the components of the plastic bottle packing machine are loose, and if so, they should be fixed in time.

            All of us who are engaged in this industry should understand more about the performance problems of our plastic bottle packing machine, including the internal components, and learn a little bit of relevant knowledge every day, so that we can improve the performance of our plastic bottle packing machine. Familiarity for better application in daily life. We will also use this platform to provide our users with more convenient services. Accelerate the development of our plastic bottle packing for more information ,please visit :

  • The prospects for hydraulic baler should be the most perfect

    As an important equipment in today's life, hydraulic baler is optimistic about the prospects of hydraulic baler. I remember that when the logistics industry has just started, there are more businesses, and hydraulic baler is also more valued All of the products need to be packed, and waste paper is used more in life.

    The waste paper packer is used to squeeze the waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and pack it with special packaging tape to form it, which greatly reduces its volume, so as to reduce the transportation volume, save freight, and increase the benefits for the enterprise. Introduced advanced technology and advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad. There are 4 sets of wire feeding device for scrap metal baler, each set corresponds to a baling head, each set includes baling line conveying device and baling line anti-tensioning device. The main rail seat of the waste paper hydraulic baler is mainly composed of two wear-resistant steel rails on the surface. The wheels of the compression frame are guided to run along the outer sides of the two tracks, and the hydraulic cylinders that drive the operation of the compression frame are arranged therein. In addition, there are a whole set of hydraulic stations besides mechanical components. As can be seen from the above description, various movements of the waste paper hydraulic baler are completed by the power of the fluid. The wire frame of the automatic waste paper baler is composed of 4 sets of wire devices installed on a frame.The entire wire frame is suspended on a central axis of the compression frame, and moves horizontally relative to the compression frame under the action of the hydraulic motor. The pressing frame is a welded member with wheels at the bottom, which can move horizontally along the main slide rail under the push of the hydraulic cylinder. The lifting platform is mainly formed by bolting two horizontal beams. The lifting platform can move up and down in the vertical direction under the push of two hydraulic cylinders. Only after being packaged, the goods can be reduced in size, and such transportation will become very convenient. We will have a better experience in production. This is the case with hydraulic baler, which provides us with a larger Convenient, but also relatively low-key. It is in this way that the hydraulic baler has a foothold in the market, always thinking about consumers, and also let consumers see the different side of the baler. Standing at the forefront of the times. The rapid transformation of the baler, rapid adaptation to the new demands of the market, and rapid adjustment of development strategies have enabled high-quality and efficient production. The fully automatic hydraulic baler is a leader in the domestic baler industry and plays an important role in the market. In the assembly line, the packing of the goods is then controlled by the sealing machine, and the last box of goods is packed and bound by the automatic packing machine, and then sent out of the production line. This process is compact and coherent, which not only can better match the work of the assembly line, but also ensure the conformity of product packaging. The hydraulic baler equipment has been dedicating its own persistent spirit from the past to the present. We believe that the prospect of hydraulic baler will also allow us to see the rise of more industries.


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